Still here ... But Decorating My New Craft Room ...

Thought i`d better do a post update on my craft room decorating .. ...

It`s nearly finished ! Yipee !
I have 3 more pieces of my bird wallpaper to put on tomorrow .. Then i`m done !

It`s been a long slog getting here .... having to wait for the roof plaster to dry out .. painting 4 coats of white emulsion on the ceiling ... Yes 4 ... you read it right ! Then totally gutting it out and renewing the skirting boards . I finally got to do the best bit of papering . .. and i could see the progress on it the past few days .... Why does it always take you longer than you think to do something like this ?

I have been taking photos of it`s progress , and i hope to post some soon when everything is in place ... before i get to go in ... and make a mess of it all .. Hmmm .... I wonder how long it will keep tidy ? !

I am going furniture shopping tomorrow as well . I`ve decided to make my own desk , as well as some storage for all my supplies .... Think i`ll need loads of that !

It will be nice to have my own room ... And not to clutter up the downstairs back room , where i am at the moment . My partner is very patient , and understanding until now . But with all my collecting and creating .. it`s getting out of hand , and things are creeping into other rooms ! So i think he`ll be glad when it`s all done !

While i`m here ....... My dear friend Renee , is trying to get a host swap started soon .....
On Marie Antoinette theme , if anyone reading this is interested ??

If so .... Please click on her blog link ... And leave her a comment please ..... It would be great if even just a few people took part ... ....

Thanks !!!

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