Cracker Peak ...

Thankyou to all who took part
in my christmas cracker swap .
The last posting date is today -
unless you have discussed it previous
with your partner . I do hope you
enjoyed yourselves - while making new
friends along the way ;o)
I have just posted out my creation
to Karen - along with many other
items - i`m hoping that she will love it all !
So as to not give away too much - here is a
couple of sneak peak photo`s

And a close up of her cracker ...

Hopefully now i can get back to
creating something - as i have neglected
this for a while !
Enjoy your weekend !


PEA said...

Well from what I could see, your partner will just love the Christmas cracker you made for her:-) I mailed mine out to Kathy a while back but haven't heard if she's received it or not yet...hopefully it will reach her safely!! I'm not as crafty as you all are but it was still fun to put the cracker together:-) xoxo

The Tattered Rose said...

The little end of your cracker looks intriguing! I'll look forward to seeing the whole thing! I got my package today from Rhonda and it was just a delight! I'm just waiting for her to get mine and then I'll post them both on my blog. This was a great swap! Thanks for hosting. Cheers, Trish G.