Happy New Year To You All !

I am busy getting ready for a
family gathering tomorrow -
So i want to take this time now
to wish you all a very Happy new year !
May 2009 bring you all have happiness , health ,
prosperity and creativity into your lives .
Wander from the normal path - and make your own ,
seek out new exciting adventures - just go do it -
even if your head says no - and your heart says yes .
There is no failure from it - just a learning process .
Be all you can be - and more .

See you in 2009 !!


PEA said...

Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2009 has to offer, dear Carolyn. Happy New Year!! xoxo

sherry smyth said...

Carolyn, wishing you and Mark a most blessed and prosperous year ♥

Meggie said...

Beautiful post, Carolyn! So many folks are stimied by fear. You said it so well...go ahead, try something new. Happy New Year, dear friend!

Sanja said...

Happy New year dear Carolyn!

Lynn said...

Thank you Carolyn and I wish the same for you :)
Love your new blog banner!