Matryoshka Babies !

Although i do not buy many magazines -
the odd craft one for inspiration -
I do like to buy the odd one around
christmas time - to see what i could
buy - if i had the money , as most is out
of my price range !
It seems that matryoshka dolls " are in "
this season - or we know them better as
Russian dolls. I have a nesting Russian doll
myself - bought for me when i was one year old ,
and have memories of playing with it .
So i thought i would make my own version
yesterday afternoon .

A set of Christmas baby matryshka`s -
made from felt and vintage ribbon
on a velvet hanger .

Then i decided to do a smaller one -
as a keyring - but with hair this time !!
My other half said the baby ones should have
hair - but i didn`t want to put any on !! ;o)

I`m in the process of adding these

last two items to my SHOP

and reducing some christmas items .

So if you fancy something different to

hang on your tree - please pop by !

More items will be added in the new year .


Sanja said...

love your Matryoshka Babies ,Carolyn!so cute!:-)
have a nice day!

sherry smyth said...

You are just branching out all over -- not with mediums...into other cultures!! These are so adorable Carolyn...I have one of these from when we billeted two Russian boys the summer Liam was 10. We played in an international tournament and had these boys with us for 10 days. Quite the experience!

Lynn said...

I have always loved the Russian dolls, I have two sets on nesting ones, one from childhood and one I bought while I was with you in England remember? I keep meaning to make one or two, well one of these days I will give it a go :) These are lovely, and using felt just makes them so fun and easy huh?

Meggie said...

Absolutely adorable, Carolyn! Such talent......