Walking In A Winter Wonderland ...

It`s beginning to look alot like
Christmas ! And i always have the
tune Winter Wonderland pop in my head
when we get snow ! An amount fell
during the early hours of this morning -
so i was out taking a few snaps - as it is
rare we have a good snowfall ! And the walk
was embracing - the good kind - where your cheeks
go red and tingle a little ...

Abandoned barbecue in a garden

View from the next street near my home.

Driveway up to a local farm house .

It`s slowly starting to melt now - but i do hope
that we get another snowfall ..
I`m in for the day now .. sipping a cup of
warming coffee .. and finishing my handmade
cracker - sneak photos to follow !


sherry smyth said...

ooohhh looks frosty cold!!! The sun is out here and not a flake to be seen --- ho ho ho...I'm sure it's the "calm before the storm" ... we'll have our fair, more than our fair share....

Hey, did you take that photo of the abandoned bbq in my backyard?!?! lol!!!

PEA said...

I'm glad to see that the snow I sent you from here has arrived! hehe You really did get a good dumping of it...we still have tons of it and it's so cold out, it's not going to melt any time soon. It sure does look so pretty, though, doesn't it! xoxo

Meggie said...

Hey Carolyn: The snow certainly contributes to the Christmas mood, don't you think?

Mary Ann said...

I love the driveway up to the farmhouse. That's a great photo!