The Birds Song ......

The short video up above is my budgies , taken this morning . I did intend to put it on last , but having down loaded it for over half an hour , and not being able to move it down . It`s there !

It shows them singing their own song for the day , or to me it sounds like one is mad with the other ! This was a " quiet " sing , as the television is on in the background , and the more we turn up the TV to hear it , the louder they become ! And when i appeared to film them , they went quiet ! Just typical !! It amazes me , that 2 little birds can make soo much noise !! They also have what i call a "mad half hour" , when they go crazy flapping about , or making way too much noise , and no amount of saying to them to be quiet helps ... I`ve even had to move them to another room , just to have some peace !

I`d read this quote a few days ago , and decided to do another poem on it .......

A bird doesn`t sing because it has an answer - It sings because it has a song ......

Maya Angelou .

From the early morning sunrise ,

The birds are there to see .

That their songs they will sing ,

Shall be heard by you , and me .

Everyday they wait ,

For the morning sun to rise .

To sing their songs with pride ,

And not to question ... Why ?

Throughout the year long seasons ,

Come rain , shine or snow .

The bird sings it`s song ,

Just to let you know .

No matter what will happen ,

Somewhere you`ll hear his song .

So take note and listen ,

That your new day has begun .

I hope some of you will join me tomorrow sometime . As i have an interview to share with you all , on a special person , who i admire and get daily inspiration from . I hope you take a small amount of your time to read it through , and feel what i continue to feel .

There`s also a special announcement that i would like to make also at the end of tomorrows post . See you here !!!


Sherry said...

Such a sweet song...reminds me of the budgies my great-grandmother had! Maya Angelou is an incredibly inspiring woman (she is one of my muse/mentors!), and your poem is delightful...I admire those who can put pen to paper and create's not something I was ever talented at so I definitely admire it in others!

Meggie said...

Sweet parakeets! I will certainly return tomorrow to see the interview. Can't wait!