Cracker Swap Draw ......

First of all , i would like to say a big " THANK YOU " to all who have commented so far on my interview with Sherry . Aside from me wanting to do it , i have highlighted more the need for support and recognition of these wonderful people , having had to go through such a traumatic experience , and all the others who are still " suffering " at this time . I have been deeply touched by it , in so many ways , and i had to do something about it , through my blog , and having a flash of inspiration to make the well deserved award for anybody that you or i feel should receive . Whether it is for cancer , or any other traumatic life experience they have , it doesn`t matter what they recieve it for . I have done it for EVERYBODY .......

Thank - you to Jo Anne , of paper cats page , for linking her blog to mine ... And another new friend i have just made .. Rhonda , who has also done a link , BUT has taken it upon herself to bestow me with the very award i have come up with !! Thank you so much Rhonda ! :o) I am very grateful , it being my very first award , thank you for thinking of me dear !!

Anyway Cracker Swap time !!!

We have an odd number so far .... So i nominate myself to take a back seat . I will still make one , and post pictures of it , and if i don`t get a swap partner , i`ll use it as my Pay It forward . Someone who was interested hasn`t got back to me just yet , but here are your partners ladies ......

Amy - with

Amanda -

Pea - with

Val -

Sherry - with

Rhonda -

So if you get in touch with each other for addresse`s etc , and see what they like on their blogs ..... Then the fun starts !!

Happy creating to everyone involved , and i`m so looking forward to what you come up with and receive !

I have also taken a creative step , in putting my tip toes in starting making collaged award banners . So if you would like one made , to give to someone . I will be glad to come up with a one of a kind , collaged award for you . If you cannot think of a title , i`m sure i can ! :o)

Please get in touch with me anytime .... Thank -you !


PEA said...

Hello dearest Carolyn:-) I've fallen so behind with visiting all my dear friends due to taking a break from blogging to get some Christmas preparations done and I've so missed all of you!!! I've now read your last few posts...that interview with Sherry was absolutely wonderful and she certainly seems like a delightful person with such a brilliant attitude towards her cancer diagnosis. Having lost my dad to bone cancer when he was 48, having lost my gran to stomach cancer, my best friend to bladder cancer when she was 40 and a cousin to skin cancer when she was 30, I can understand how it affects people and how everyone handles it differently. That special button you made is very touching, dear Carolyn.

Thank you for letting me know who my Cracker Swap partner is...I'll go visit her blog and get to know her a bit more:-) I do hope you get one more participant, it would be such a shame if you couldn't participate in your own swap!!

Take good care of yourself! xoxo

Sandra Evertson said...

Happy Holidays!
Sandra Evertson

Sherry said...

Sounds great Carolyn...looking forward to doing my swap with Rhonda!! You come up with some wonderfully fun ideas...this one is no exception!

Meggie said...

Hey Carolyn: My package arrived today is perfect condition. I love its contents! So many darling things to make my Christmas packages festive. Thank you sooooo much!

Jo Anne Owens said...

Hi Carolyn! Your little gift package came today! I am so excited and pleased to have won! Now I get to sit down and create with the goodies inside! Can't wait to play!

Thank you for being such a dear!

Hugs..Jo Anne

Amy P said...

Looks like I scored a crafty partner! I'm looking forward to your swap! Do you have a partner dear? If not I'll do 2 for sure!