So I`ve Been Tagged ! ...

I was tagged yesterday by Sherry , for the MeMeMe that`s doing the rounds in blogland .
This is my first tag , so i`m quite excited by this , and thank you Sherry for including me in your chosen list !!
The rules are simple ..

Post the rules before you give your facts then ..
1 . The players must use the letters from their middle name , as facts that are relevant in your life . If you do not have a middle name , you can make one up . Or one which you would have liked .
2. When you are tagged you need to do a blogpost , containing your own middle name and the game facts .
3. At the end of your blogpost , you need to tag a person for every letter of your middle name .
As well as leaving them a comment , to let them know you have tagged them .

D - Distractions ..... All my life i seem to have had this . May be because i have so many things going on in my head and i cannot concentrate for too long on things i personally find " boring" . I `ll come across a disinterested and not say much and want to be away from that situation . . I can only seem to concentrate on things that really take a hold of me , and i have the attention span of a flea ! For eg . if i`m watching television , and i`m not into the programme , i`m doing something else while half watching it , either reading a magazine or i have a notebook i write in ..... Don`t get me wrong , i love to learn about new things and experience new to me things , but it has to have some good relevance in my life right now .

A- Appreciate . I appreciate now "the small things " in my life . A smile from a stranger , my partner who understands when i don`t have to say anything , yet he knows what i`m thinking. And my parents , for showing me that you do not need many material things in life , to enjoy it . To the new friends i that have come into my life , that i`ll treasure deep down in my heart .

W- Is writing . I have done this all my life . I have kept note books on good and bad situations that have happened , as i felt it was a way of getting the thoughts out of my head and keeping me from getting on with my life . And as a way to keep me sane ! A kind of therapy for me . Then i can look back on them as a reference , and see if anything , what have i learned from this experience .

N- Nature . It`s always been a big part of my life from a young age . From going out with the family on outings on a sunday for walks , to me being a big animal lover and wanting to be Vet at school , then finding out it was 6 years training , and thinking it was too long to do , and not being brainy enough to do it ! To the influence it has on my creative spirit , and noticing more what it is has to offer . Which would tie in with my appreciation .

So here`s a photo of me at my happiest , in a wood amoungst trees and flowers . And for Sherry , who requested a photo of me on here ! :o))

So now i tag ....

Amy , Rhonda , Pea and Meggie .


Sherry said...

I knew I did a good thing when I tagged you (you've got to run faster if you don't want to be it!!) :) Glad you were so happy to do this! Anyway..WONDERFUL nature, where you are happiest!!! (((muah)))

Love the middle name and I think the words you chose for each initial are's good to know more about "who" Carolyn really is!!

Renee :) said...

Wow...finally was able to see your pics!I love the pic of you,the background is so amazing...beautiful scenery!I want to go there!Well,talk to you later!Renee

icanseeclearlynow said...

hi there! found you over at sherry's. your pictures are AMAZING. i LOVE the one of you with those awesome trees in the background. and i especially love the one of the spiderweb.



PEA said...

Hi Carolyn:-) I so enjoyed reading your answers to this meme and what a treat to see your picture!! I love being surrounded by nature also so I know you and I would get along well:-) I've made myself a note to do this meme so hopefully will get it done by next week!! xox

Moanna said...

I can see why nature is so important to you, given how beautiful it is where you live.

Thank you for visiting me today!

amy said...

Love the photo of you in nature. It does seem to be your home. :)

Jo Anne Owens said...

What a fun experience! Glad you were reading your replies!

Jo Anne