Pay It Forward ...

I have commented on blogs to take part in the Pay It Forward that is taking place on so many .... So here`s mine at last !

All you have to do is , if you want to receive a handmade gift from me , please leave me a comment to say so . What you have to do is take this pledge to carry it on , and Pay it forward to other readers .

I`m looking for at least 2 to do this , and you will get it as soon as i have made something , or if you want a Christmassy decor , i have 2 waiting for you ! The others will be in the new year .

This is such a good way to receive something that is handmade , anda good excuse not to buy anything that`s commercial out there . So how about joining in the fun !

Also Marie at is having a giveaway herself of her handmade skin care products that she makes . It closes Mon 3rd Dec , and you win a voucher to buy things from her website at .
All you have to do is comment to say you would like a chance to win , and put a link to her website .
Also i may be off here for the next couple of days :o( we have some decorating to do , well finish if we can , as it`s been stagnent here for quite a while ! And i`m getting fed up of having to walk over a large roll of carpet at the stair bottom !!! And it would be perfect if we can get it ready for Christmas !
So i`ll see you all in a few days ! (( muah ))) xxx


Sherry said...

Pretty rose!!
Hope you get all your bits and pieces done...I'm constantly needing to get things finished or fixed...we don't move quickly on those things around here!

Renee :) said...

how nice!the girls & I each altered a baby board book & I altered the cardboard shelf it came in since it was a very yucky day least we finally got crafty. :) Still no feedback on the showing...guess they didn't like it. :( Renee

Cre8Tiva said...

i think this is one of the best things we could ever do with our blogs and in our it forward the golden rose...will check out the skincare...blessings, rebecca

Wild Rose said...

Hi Carolyn

Thanks for participating in my giveaway. I'm sorry to be so late in catching up with you, but I have shows at the moment and life is hectic.

Marie x