Catching Up With " Tags " .....

I`ve decided to combine 3 tags , which are from Sherry`s Christmas Hoopla , Rhonda - and Jo Anne - weird / random facts .

I`ve edited them , so as not to be a really long post today !!

Here goes ......

Christmas ones .....

1 . My sister and i shared a bedroom for many years , with beds opposite each other . One Christmas Eve , the gap was just big enough to hold hands , so we did , until we eventually fell asleep .

2 . My mum always bought me a homemade Christmas cake , from a local bakery . You could choose what size / shape you wanted , and she always requested it without candied peel - I hate it !

3. Up until the age of 14 , my sister and and i always got a present to open on Boxing day ! It was something else to look forward too !

4. The first Christmas after we had to move to a smaller house , due to the housing recession . My sister and i spent our weekly pocket money on getting tins of food , to make a hamper , for a present for our parents , as we knew money was tight .

5 . One christmas morning , we awoke really early . Went downstairs , opened nearly all of our presents carefully . We both got a small doll , called Carrie and Christopher . Mine had the "anatomical bits " for the baby boy ! ( And i still have it in the loft somewhere ) Then we tried to rewrap them best we could , and went back to bed , ready to come down again , and reopen them , and try to look pleased !

Weird / random facts .....

Although i was married for 6 years , i never cooked a christmas dinner !! We always went out , so it was done for me . I didn`t cook my first one until 3 Christmas `s ago !!

My partner and i have always joked about , going into a restaurant and only ordering from the sweet menu ! So we are going to do that one day !

If i don`t put a slick of lipbalm on , when i got to bed . I don`t feel right ! ;o)

Even if it`s really warm outside , and our bedroom window is open . I cannot sleep with out at least a sheet covering me . I have always been like that .

I often say ....

Shut up !! Or Ssshh !! ( to my noisey budgies ! )

Huh !!

I love ya

Are you getting in the shower after me ?

Oh surprise surprise !

What i want to do before i die ....

Visit Egypt and the Valley of the Kings .

Get over my fear of heights !

Be a successful artist .

Open an animal sanctuary .

For Rhonda - Meet John Taylor in the flesh !! ;o) AND me to play guitar , Rhonda on the drums , and of course , John on bass !! Good idea then Rhonda ?? ;o)

Books i`m dipping into now .....

Your fantasies maybe hazardous to your health - Ligia Dantes .

Watercolour fairies - David Riche and Anne Franklin .

Fools Gold -- Susan . G . Wooldridge

The Art of Personal Imagery - Corey Moortgat .

Paper Metal Stitch - Maggie Grey and Jane Wild .

Songs i could listen to again and again ....

Elizabeth Fraser - Dream Baby .

DJ Tiesto - Just Be .

Eva Cassidy - Fields Of Gold .

Morrissey - November spawned a monster .

Kate Bush - This Womans Work .

Duran Duran - The Chauffeur .

Metallica - One .

Manic Street Preachers - Motorcycle Emptiness .

Limp Bizkit - The One

Megadeath - Mary Jane .

What i am passionate about ...

My friends and family .

Cruelty to animals .

Creating something from what others think of as rubbish .

Writing .

Music .

What attratcts me to my best friends ....

The same interests .

Knowing that i don`t have to talk all the time .

Honesty .

Will be there for me , when i really need them .

Respect each other .

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit more about me . I will not pass these on , as most people have done these by now - don`t you think ? I may try and come up with one myself !

I will be announcing this Monday , a few details of my birthday celebration on here ! Please keep , Monday 7th January free to help me celebrate . Thanks !!

Have a great weekend everyone !!


Sherry said...

I love how you did this!!
I love that you and your sister reached out to touch hands on Christmas Eve; I love you buying a hamper for your parents (!), I love you trying to re-wrap your gifts!!

You MUST go into a restaurant early in the New Year and order ONLY from the sweets section!!!

As for Corey Moortgat, have you read her blog?

You have a delightful weekend as well...I'm back to my decorating once my guest has departed!! :)

Rhondamum said...

Well done friend! I love the way that you combined the tags. I still have one to do, 12 days of, but I guess it is too late. I will think of a creative way to do it.

I know I tag you a bunch, and I hope it doesn't irritate you or others, but I really love learning more about you, and this tag I particularly liked.

I love the memories that you have with your sister. I have many with mine as well, and we both have a common situation in that our sister's are fighting their own physical problems. Maybe that is why God brought us together, for laughter and support when needed.

Oh my gosh! I have to put lip balm on before bed too, as well as lotion on my hands and feet. I can't live without either. Guess it's the OCD in my.

Oh, by the way, I would LOVE to have the magazine subscriptions that you got for Christmas. Will you get the free stamp set as well? Love my stamps, as you know.

Chat soon friend!

Meggie said...

Hey Carolyn: It was fun reading more about you. January 7 is on my calendar as a VERY SPECIAL DAY. Looking forward to celebrating with you.

PEA said...

Hello dear Carolyn,

I so enjoyed reading your answers to the memes...I especially love the thought of you and your sister holding hands across the beds until you fell asleep:-) You also received some wonderful Christmas must have been a good girl like I was all year! hehe xoxo

Abbie said...

Hi Carolyn!
What a fabulous list of fun facts and tidbits! It must have been so fun to have a sister growing up.. I hope my girls have such wonderful memories too. :) Enjoy your New Year celebrations!