The Years Last Post ......

First of all i want to wish you all .....

A Happy New Year !!

The time seems to have flown by , i don`t know about you ? It was only this time last year , that i had many expectations for this year . And in true to form , they did not happen for me . I did keep one resolution that i made to myself , not to take any more c**p from anyone , to put it mildly , as i do not like swearing too much , and it irritates me when people say it every other word in speaking !! There is no need for it !

What i am doing is , or i do have more of , is hope and dreams for the coming new year . I will try my best to achieve , and not set my sights too high , on all the ideas that i have going around in my mind right now . If i do waver , as failure is not in my vocabulary , i will think of it as a learning process , to try again and succeed in my own way . I do not have a " plan " , as these can be broken by outside factors , you cannot control . But i do have " baby steps " to walk through to acheive what i would like to do . If i have to keep on one step for longer than is necessary , then so be it .

May all your hopes and wishes come true for 2008 !

Below , are photos from the cracker swap , which i hosted back in November . I only got mine from Amy , on Sunday 23rd dec ! I was more than delighted with my package , as i felt Christmas had come early !

The cracker which i sent to Amy , along with a collage , which is on a below post .

Amy`s cracker ..... which was made from a kitchen roll tube , and stuffed with loads of goodies !

I cannot choose my favourite thing , as she was so generous to me , but i LOVE this necklace , craft queen , and the post it notes !

Nearly a whole book of vintage sheet music ! Cute mini paper coasters and a handmade tag !

Amy knows i love vintage trims and ribbons ....

And that i am mad about birds ! How cute are these tea lights ! ? I do not want to burn them !

There`s even more ! A beautiful charm bracelet , which was so unexpected Amy !

Thank you so so much !

Stuffed inside my cracker were these beauties .... tiny Christmas ornaments , stamps , buttons , birds and their houses !

I feel so lucky to have received all these gorgeous gifts from Amy , who offered to swap with me , as i took a back seat in it , as there was an odd number of participants .

Thank- you so much dear friend !

Now for my birthday announcement !!

Carolyn`s " Oscar`s " Birthday Bash !!

On Monday 7th Jan.

Any one that wishes to help me celebrate my birthday , please say so . All you have to do is a post that day . But , it has to be " Oscar " style ! Dressed up for a walk down my red carpet , ultra glam of course ! ;o) A picture will do , of a dress you love . along with all the right and expensive accessories ! And your dream date , who is attending with you ! AND a present of what you would like to give me .

If you can display my banner on your side bar , i hope to get even more attending ! Thank you !! ;o)
To make it even more like the Oscars , i will announce the next day , some category winners , like the best outfit , the best gift , and they will receive an altered torso shaped playing card that i have . I have yet to decide how i am going to decorate them !

So , get your thinking caps on , if you would love to take part !

What ever you are doing this New Years Eve ,

I wish you all a safe , happy celebration !

And a special thank you to all the new friends i have met this year , may it blossom and grow .

And i will see you all next year !!



Sherry said...

My dear, I always love a good party...I'll have to dig out my little black book to see who is available that evening!!! I'm in...of course, was there any doubt?? How could I miss your birthday?!?! And how connected we youngest will be 16 that day...where does time go???

I wish you the very best of every blessing for the coming year. 2007 was special because we met...who knows what '08 will hold for us both? Only good things is what I wish. Hold on to your dreams...always!

BTW..your cracker goodies are awesome...lucky, lucky you!!! :) I expect to see some gorgeous items this year from all your "loot"!!!


Sherry said...

Hey...I was so busy admiring all the photos and the New Year graphic I didn't realize that you had changed your banner again. It's gorgeous...

amy said...

Happy New Year! Love all the goodies that you got in your swap. I think 2008 will be a great year! I will prepare accordingly for the birthday gala. :)

She Who Flies said...

Magical wishes for 2008. May the New Year bring you many sweet blessings.

PEA said...

Dearest Carolyn, what a gorgeous cracker you made for Amy and the same is said for the one she sent you...fabulous:-) And look at all those goodies she enclosed...I can well understand why you were so thrilled!!

Ooooh I love your idea for your Birthday party...I'll post your button on my sidebar right away:-) This will be so much fun planning for!!

New Year is a time for celebration of love, of life, of friendship. It's the time to thank God for wonderful friends, and to bring to their lives as much magic as they bring to here's celebrating our friendship and praying that its magic continues forever. Happy New Year to you and yours dear Carolyn! xoxo

Rhondamum said...

May 2008 being you every glorious thing that you deserve my friend, joy, peace, love, and John.

I will see you at your party. I can't wait. Talk to you next year! God Bless!

Oh, and I LOVE all of your goodies. You made out! Yippee!

peppylady said...

I'm over form Peas and see what the party is all about.
I'll let the blog world know on my Friendly Friday this up coming Friday.