However Small You May Feel ...

First of all , my dear friend Sherry , nominated me for this award yesterday !!
It was such an honour to receive this , and it`s made even more special , coming to me from her . Yet again , she`s thinking of others , when she was not having a good day herself , a low blue day . I hope your blues have lifted today ! (( Muah ))

And i would like to pass this award to RHONDA ! A new friend of mine , who keeps me laughing . You deserve it !! :o)

I had to go out today , although i did not feel like it . The wind is terrible here , so much so , i now have bad ear ache just subsiding , and it took me twice as long to get home battling the head on wind !

I did however buy a few things along my way around the town . A new magazine , a few library books , and yet more books , old children`s ones . Do i need anymore books ! ?

I bought Thumbelina , ...... remember her anyone ??
The tiniest little girl , half the size of your thumb , and she was " given " to a lady who wanted a child so badly . Her bed was a walnut shell with rose petals for her mattress .
Inside was a poem , i read it , and thought , what if i were that small ? What would i see ? What could i do just for a day , if i were her ?

If you were Thumbelina .

If you were Thumbelina -

Just think of all you`d see ....

The rainbow in a dew-drop ,

The soft fur on a bee .

The sparkle of a spiders web

Hung with beads of rain .

The warm smile of a buttercup

When the sun comes out again .

Whiskers on a centipede !

A leaf which rustles by ..

The soft shine on a daisy

Looking upwards to the sky .

But - a crumb would be your breakfast -

The same for lunch and tea !

And an apple pip for supper -

Or a grain of corn maybe .

And then , a mouse , a frog or bird

Might come and tread on you !

So - think of Thumbelina

And all that YOU can do !

I have not seen this poem before , but have fragments of memories , of stories of her as a child .

To me , it does not matter how " small " you may feel . There will be days when you are not noticed , and feel invisible to others . Sit and ponder what is " wrong " in your life . You are a person in your own right . However " big " the world seems , everyone has their part in it , to look and take notice , to love , to live , be happy and just be themselves , no questions asked .

And now i am off to have some "me " time . So if i`m not on here over the weekend ... Don`t quote me on this one ! Have a wonderful weekend everyone ! x


Rhondamum said...

That could not have come at a better time Carolyn. I am feeling rather "alone" today and that sweet poem just picked me right up. I think I will print it up and hang it on my mirror. I love the way you look at the world. Thanks for sharing and stay warm! R... And by the way... one can never have too many books!

Jo Anne Owens said...

Carolyn..thank you so much for sharing this. I loved the Thumbilina poem and had fogotten all about her...what a different perspective, right?

Take time for you today, everyone!

Sherry said...

I'm having a much better day today my dear Carolyn and you are so deserving of a smile who is always thinking of others herself!

Oohh..sorry about your ear...that's nasty and when you are walking into the wind it makes it that much worse!! Hope you are staying nice and warm now and have had some tea and put your feet up.

As Rhonda said, no one can have too many books and I love what you've bought! I do remember Thumbelina but I hadn't remembered the whole of the story. This is lovely!!

I love your introspection...but don't be "too" small...and only be that small for one day!!! A different perspective on the world gives us a lot of new opportunities!

Sandra Evertson said...

Sandra Evertson

Sherry said...

Oh ho..I see something new..someone else has been at the drafting table!!! I love this banner and the new design here at Magpie!!! I know you did your banner yourself..brava Carolyn!! I paid for mine!!! :) I haven't the talent or ability (yet??) to create web graphics. Perhaps someday!! Meantime, you are looking "mahvellous dahling"...could it be because you've taken that subscription to Cloth, Paper, Scissors that has inspired you so?!?

Amy P said...

I just re-read Thumbelina myself recently. I found my old fairy tale book and have been reading a them to my daughter before bed each night. We just did Thumbelina. I love that poem too :)

Meggie said...

Congrats on the award, Carolyn. You are so deserving.