A Thank-You For My Blog Friends .....

How could i not come on here today , to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to my blogger friends ??

I`m feeling better today , having had an awfully emotional day yesterday . I did not know what to do with myself , just mooching about the house . Did a little more painting in my kitchen , that`s a never ending task at the moment . Had a wonderful personal e-mail , from Rhonda , and not forgetting Sherry . You both have kept me buoyant with your kind words , thoughts and prayers .

As the saying goes , in times of a crisis , you get to know who your friends really are .

So apart from me giving thanks for your concerns , thoughts , guidance and love .....

I made this award for all who have commented . It kept me " busy " for a while creating it . As i had to do something , i do get bored pretty easily , and fidgety !

You all deserve it !

So ..... Sherry , Rhonda , Meggie , Amy , Rebecca , and Fairy God Mother .

Please accept this award , as this all i can do for you all . It would be so cool , if we could meet in person , and have a natter to you all . Maybe it will happen sometime in the future ....

I`ll be back tomorrow ..... with my Christmas tree photo`s !


Sherry said...

Did I ever tell you how special you are??

I love this and will very proudly display it on my blog (((muah))) to you.

Sometimes when we feel sad, low, upset, creating art is the best therapy...I think you proved that with this award.

Glad you are feeling somewhat better...there are always good days and bad days with cancer and one of the hardest is when things happen after an initial cancer diagnosis because we "just don't know" what things are and go to the worst place first. Still in my thoughts and prayers...both of you.

Cre8Tiva said...

my dear...i thank you for this and will give it a place of honor in my heart and on my blog...i am lifting prayers for you this morning...our spirits have met even if our bodies never do...and that is wonderful...blessings, rebecca

Rhondamum said...

You are so nice and your work is beautiful. I will place it onto my blog with pride.

Remember to stay strong and I am proud of you for finding ways to help yourself through this rough time.

As always, you are in my prayers and thoughts and I agree that it would be so great if we could meet one day. You have a friend here in America, and my home is yours if you are ever on my side of the pond.

Take care of you and try to find the good in today. Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? I did once and it really helped me to see all of the little blessings in my life and at this time in yours it might pull you through a bit.

Take care and write soon!

Amy P said...

Thank you Carolyn, how thoughtful of you! Off to go stick it on my sidebar yay!

Anonymous said...

yo. luv this thread.

Anonymous said...

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