" Set " Like Stone ....

I have my " second wind " back today , or rather this evening . So , i am having a chatter with you , as a certain someone out there has requested ! :o)

I `ve had to have my lights on in the home , since 11am this morning as it`s been a real rainy , dreary dark day . I knew also i would not be going outside at all today , so i tweaked my blog about this morning , had lunch , then hit the slump of not wanting to do anything . A headache appeared yet again , so i had a snooze on the sofa , for which two hours passed so quickly , and then thought ... I`m ready to do a post of some sort .

Another poem came about a few nights ago written in bed . You know the situation , when you`re tired , so you go up - but then you cannot drop off , because you have so many things going around in your brain . You cannot switch off and get frustrated with yourself . I kept telling myself to stop these stupid thoughts and get to sleep . But that makes it worse . Too many thoughts to mention , but like , will he stop snoring !! ? :o) How can he make so much noise and not wake himself up ! ? LOL !!

But anyway , most of my thoughts were " dark " , not set in stone , like the photo above , looking vulnerable , naked and exposed for all to see . So this reflects the poems mood , but not what i am feeling right now .......

What if i -
Feel sad today ?
What if i -
Lost my way ?
What if i -
Need to cry ?
What if i -
With questions why ?
What if i -
Feel helpless inside ?
And cannot think
Need to hide
What if i -
Diversions aside
Try and face you all -
And cannot hide
What if i -
Change the way i think
Feed from others ,
Take a drink ?
What if i - can try what you say
What if i -
Say tomorrow , ..... not today ?
What if i -
Realise what you say
What if i-
Want to repay ?
What if i - Now feel secure
what if i -
can now say ....
Thank -you .
It was a few of so many thoughts that i do have , not necessarily all at the same time though . But included some to go in the poem itself .
Some come into my head pretty quickly , and i play around with the words . It`s that simple for me , although i know some cannot write poems , but are good writers in their own right .
Hope you`re all having a relaxing weekend !!


Amy P said...

Love the poem Carolyn, how awesome that you have this talent and are willing to share with us. I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there! I appreciate that you do :) I also have the problem with too many thoughts flooding my head, I can totally relate to that whole paragraph you wrote, even the snoring lol! I'm going to send this link to my dear friend Angie that also writes good poems/short stories, she'll appreciate and relate to it too.

BTW got your package today yay! TY!

Sherry said...

I'm glad you come on to chatter...I'm just sorry I wasn't around when you did!!

I think your poem is very're putting a great many thoughts down and you made it flow so well.

I know the feeling of not being able to sleep and someone snoring beside you DOES NOT help!!!

Sherry said...

Good morning sweet friend. Come see me at esprit*d'art today...I've left a little something there for you!! xo