Another Award ..... And Random Facts

Sherry bestowed me with yet another Award yesterday !

It is one which i will treasure most dearly , as i was quite shocked to receive it , and teary eyed when i`d read about it . And like her , i feel honoured , to have someone think that they are doing something wonderful , expressing their feelings and sharing it with you all.

Thank -you so much !!

Also included is 7 random facts about yourself , which you have to " reveal " ........ So here`s mine .....

Lipbalm ..... I have an obsession for this ! I must have 20 or so knocking around my home .

I can`t resist buying a new one that comes out , to see if i can find the perfect one for me . So far my favourite is the Badger Balm range .... Sherry , i just know you`ll be laughing at this . I just had to break off to answer the front door . My cracker has come !! And guess what you put inside my dear ..... A lipbalm !!! :o) LOL !

Lateness .... I`m not getting at anyone in particular .... Rhonda !! I just hate people being late for appointments etc . I have always felt this way , and i try and arrive at least 5 minutes before my due time , and i worry if i will myself be late , even if it`s out of my control !

Alcohol .... I do not drink alcohol . I may have an odd drink now and then though . But it does not do anything for me , wine gives me hot flushes ! I would rather go out to a trendy cafe / coffee bar shop and have a good quality hot steaming cappuccino !

List Maker .... I am an habitual list / to do maker ! Where ever i am , i have a pen and paper to jot things down . I have another obsession with note books , fancy ones , plain ones . I buy them , and if i think they are too nice to use , i just admire them . I cannot bear to spoil them !

Snoopy ..... I am a massive Snoopy Fan . Since i got my first book at 6 years old , to acquiring masses of items . I have boxes of things - i mainly go for vintage items when i can and mostly from charity shops / markets i visit . My best " find " is an 11 inch ceramic cookie jar , bought for £5 , and then finding out it`s worth over £100 !

" Tight " .... as in spending money . I have been called a " scrooge " and tighter than a camels behind in a sand storm !! It`s not that i don`t want to spend money . I simply cannot justify some purchases on something which i personally think is so overpriced , or the in thing to buy . I will pay out of my way for something that i do love ... Like my new coffee lounge table , which was custom made and came from France .

Abit Of fame .... I was in a school choir from the age of 10 . My sister and i sang in the Moldgreen Junior Folkchoir . Appearing at our local town hall on numerous occasions , to singing at Fountains Abbey , outside being filmed , and miming i may add !! To a song that was broadcast on our ITV channel ..... " Stars on Sunday " AND recording a record of our songs which was released in 1979 , called " The Morning Of Our Lives " ...

Autographs anyone ?? !! :o))

I hope you enjoyed my random facts about moi , and i`ll go away and have a think of who i would like to pass on the award to .....


PEA said...

Dearest Carolyn,

Congratulations on the award, you truly do deserve it:-) I so enjoyed learning more facts about you...I had to laugh when I read about your lip balm because I'm the exact same way! I have them all over the place...2 on my computer desk, 3 in my purse, 1 in my coat pocket, 2 in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom, etc...LOL! I mailed out my Christmas Cracker to Val yesterday and she said she will mail mine out as soon as she has time...she's been busy with her hubby who has been ill so I told her to concentrate on him and not worry about the swap until she has time. I took pictures of the one I made for her but don't want to show them on my blog until she receives it:-) Thank you so much for hosting this, it was so much fun to make my own cracker for the first time!! xoxo

Sherry said...

Lots of lovely new things to know about you...and that is just too funny about the lip balm!!! Am I psychic?!?! :)

We share a "thing" about lateness...I am so very much that way...drives my husband crazy..he who is habitually late!!!

And I smiled at the journals/notebooks. I'm the same way!! I have a huge collection and in some there are one or two things noted, others I just look at ... I want whatever I write in them to be as beautiful as the covers!!

Jo Anne Owens said...

Hi Carolyn!

Loved your list of 7 things...funny about the cracker arriving just at that point in your post!

Lateness...I am always 10 minutes early or 15 minutes late..for everything...don't know why but I have always been like that. I have a friend who is on time when she comes over but always 30 minutes late when she brings her husband! LOL

AND I too have ton of journals, but here recently I have actually been writing in them! Guess I am changing a bit as I get on in years!

Hugs, J

Jo Anne Owens said...

Ack! Forgot to say, congrats on your lovely award! It is well deserved!

Jo Anne Owens said...

Ack! Forgot to say, congrats on your lovely award! It is well deserved!

Rhondamum said...

Okay, we just have too much in common. Well, except for the fact that I am usually late. Personally, I love Burt's Bees Lip Balm and it is in every room of my house, within reach of me at all times. No wonder my littlest loves her "ip stick".


Amy P said...

Oh that's just too good, love reading about your facts! I actually meant to send you a lip balm too! It wasn't fitting inside and I set it aside to put in the box and I forgot it! So sorry, it could've been "the one" :)