Letting Go ....

The following collage was done by me , back in August last year . It was for a challenge i participated in , and i ended up not showing it . I felt it was too personal at that time , and i ended up putting it on for a day , then talking it off again .
However , after reading a blog , which was beautifully written , with words of profound emotions , depth , and her journey to find answers of verbal / physical abuse .

It is only now that i feel i can reveal this , after doing a lot of thinking and finally coming to a point where i am coming to terms with past events a long time ago now ..

The mind has to let somethings go .

I thought i would be with you forever ...

Then you broke my heart .

All the said words and abuse ,

Made me retreat .

I had no armour left .

You stripped me bare ,

You did not care .

All the tears that flowed ,

And roller coaster of emotions .

Whispering ......

Needing to know .

The need to silence ,

Is beginning to grow .

It was not my fault ,

I found my own way ,

To have lost and i learned ,

Today is a new day .

A time for new beginnings , for me and everyone out there .......


Sherry said...

This is beautiful Carolyn...the collage and the poetry. Liberating, yes. I was thinking "letting go" after I read your comments on my "what the L" and then I clicked on your post...emotions and thought waves can be so closely tied together can they not??

I'm glad you posted this...this is your journal here, this is your life. I think we become more whole when we acknowledge all the parts of who we are. The other parts we keep in shadow cry out to us for there is forgiveness and love and a reclaiming of all of who we are.

Go forward now and start this year with a liberated heart, the knowledge of the strength of who you are...your heart is full and I hope it contains as much self love as it does for others.

hugs & kisses!

Sherry said...

By the must come to Esprit today...I've left a little something for you. xo

Meggie said...

Beautiful, Carolyn, just beautiful!!

Amy P said...

Beautiful Carolyn, glad you feel comfortable sharing it with us :)

amy said...

This piece is so great and meaningful. It's good to let it go I think. And a blog is for you to write and express whatever you want to. We should all remember and honor that I think. It's sort of like visiting your home if that makes sense. Thanks for sharing. Blessings,

Rhondamum said...

I am really proud of you Carolyn. You have conquered obstacles and moved forward. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art, and soul with us. We are blessed to have you in our lives!

Almost party time!

Moanna said...

This is very moving as poetry and art and courage.