.. Making A New Path ....

Taken at , The Lake District , Cumbria ..

Step out into the unknown , my friends .
There is so much more to be savoured .

Things to be discovered by you ....
So revel in that knowledge .
Challenges abound .
Many hills to conquer .
Testing you ,
Beyond your own comfort zone .
It is only you , yourself ,
That is holding you back .
Of seeing the wonders ....
While avoiding the " cracks " .
So .. take your first step .
You need not be afraid .
Make of it all , that you can ,
There are new paths to be laid .

Have a great weekend everyone !! And i will see you all on Monday , to celebrate my " Oscar`s " Birthday Party ! Whether you decide to do a post , or not , it does not matter . Just bring yourself here , and visit the other blog posts for more eye candy !!


Sherry said...

Your words ring with truth...and you can never escape is the one thing you can be sure of!!!

I'm off for coffee with my bf...and while she's shopping for pillows (!) I'll be in the designer gown aisle having a fitting for my red carpet gown...she may have to pry me away from the shoe section!!!

Ta ra dahling...see you on the red carpet on Monday!!! ;)

Meggie said...

Count me in, Carolyn. I haven't been really dressed up in quite awhile. My handsome date is quite excited about the party also. See you there on Monday.

PEA said...

Today is Monday the 7th...where's the birthday girl??? I'm all set for your birthday bash:-) Happy Birthday dear Carolyn. xoxo