The Morning After ......

Here i am soaking my feet , after last nights celebration !!
Did you all have a good time or what !! ??
I certainly did do !
From the bottom of my heart ... I would like to Thank -you for making it a more special birthday for me . All the wonderful comments , from my regular readers , and new ones , who left me a birthday wish . It certainly made my day an unforgetable one . You made me smile all of you !!
I hope none of you have a hang over this morning , or afternoon , if you have just got up !!
But while i was away , my pets decided to have a party themselves ... As the saying goes , while the cats away , the mice will play !!
Here they are .... Don`t they look sorry for themselves !! ??

So , i did say that i would announce winners for categories , like the actual Oscars .
However , i could not choose the best present or best post . They were each brilliant in their own way ! So what i am going to do is make you all winners who did a post !
That is Pea - Meggie - Rhonda - Sherry - Amy - and Diane

I have address`s for most of you , except Amy of Magical Muse , and Diane . Could you please email me your addy !!

I`m not sure how long the torso collages will take ... But you will get one pretty soon !

I`ve also done a banner for you all , to display on your blogs , if you wish to do so ....

I was up early this morning at 5 am ! And now i`m having the afternoon slump feeling ...
So i`ll love you and leave you all ......


Sherry said...

Glad you had a grand time sweetie...I sometimes think the virutal party is better than the "actual" party..no mess, no cleanup...that part is brilliant!!

It was lots of fun getting to talk to some of your other friends who I don't normally chat with!

You are a darling for gifting each of us with an Oscar...but then that is so very "Carolyn"!!! (((Muah))))

Enjoy that lie down..you've earned it!!!

(yes, Big and I drove around the block quite a few times....HE decided to try on my Jimmy Choo's too!!! And I couldn't get them back! LOL!!!)

PEA said...

I had a brilliant time yesterday and nope, no hangover, although I really made a piggy of myself with the birthday cake! hehe My feet are also soaking right now...ouch! lol Thank you so much for the Oscar button, I will certainly place it proudly on my sidebar:-) It was a true pleasure to help you celebrate your birthday!! xoxo

Sandra Evertson said...

That pup is Adorable!
Sandra Evertson

Rhondamum said...

How on earth could I have a hang over? I was with Brandon Flowers all night! I feel great, on cloud 9!

I had an amazing time Carolyn and I will post my Oscar with great pride!

It really was fun. I was surprised, but really enjoyed picking my items out and seeing others. I will have to try something like this on my birthday - the big 4 0.

Are those really your pets?


Fete et Fleur said...

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you so much for your thoughts on my post today. It's really helpful to now what others think. I had so much fun visiting your Birthday Bash. If you have another next year I would love to be a part.

Hugs! :<) Nancy

Dianne said...

I had a splendid time! Thanks for the inspiration to look for all those goodies. I sure enjoyed everyone else's picks! I hope you saw I picked you out a ruby and diamond ring too.