The Tale Of My " Cheat " Pie ......

Before i moved in with my partner , i used to bake at my house , something for us to eat on a Saturday . He would come and pick me up at lunch time , after work , then we`d go to his house for the rest of the weekend .
Amoungst the things i did make , was my home made meat and potoato pie . We both like " traditional " english food , and this is one of them . There was never a time when any was left over .
However - a few years later , and i had moved in . I was " rumbled " or " found out " , on how i made my pie !
I was in the kitchen preparing it , and he came in and saw what i was doing . In front of me was ... 2 tins of cooked stewed beef , a packet of pastry - the kind where you add water to mix to a dough - and some cooked potatoes in onion gravy .
The conversation , went something like this .....
What are you making ?
My meat and potato pie .
But i thought you cooked your own meat ! ?
Why would i do that , when i can buy some already cooked ! It`s cheaper that way , and you`ve never said anything about it before .
That`s because i`ve not seen you make it ! That`s cheating ! That`s not a homemade pie !
Yes it is , i am making it myself aren`t i , at home ? It`s not a shop bought one !
Huh ! and off he walked !
So needless to say , i think i shattered his illusion of my pie making ! When he thought i would be slaving away cooking some meat first , then making my own pastry . I suppose that i could do , as i am a qualified chef ! But who wants to do this when you can buy some good quality tinned meat ready to use !!
So i thought i would show you some photos of my " Cheat Pie " , which i made at the weekend , with no complaints !!

Here it is in the oven proof dish . I cooked some bite sized pieces of potato in onion gray , until they were soft . Then added 2 tins of stewed beef .

Put a pastry lid on ... Nothing fancy , just quickly rolled out and plonked on top !!

Here it is 45 minutes later , 190 c ....

My plate , ready to eat it , with Yorkshire puddings , and LOADS of gravy !!

And i was told to take a photo without the pool of gravy on it ! So you can see it better ! And because he doesn`t like gravy too much ! How can you not like gravy ??

I always have some pastry left over .... So i do a corned beef and onion pasty , for him to take to work to eat the next day .
We`ve called it " The Brick " . As it is the size of a house brick !! We have to cut it in half to get it into containers !

Just cooked pasty .... It does look like a cornish pasty , but mine is a Homemade one !!

So theres my tale of my pie making ....
Still after years of being found out , he still eats it , and we both have a laugh about it being homemade ! ;o)


Rhondamum said...

You will get no complaints from me! That looks fantastic. Wrap it up for our trip this weekend - hahaha.

Are you really a certified chef? Or is that like the hung over animals?

Nice chatting with you today! Hope I didn't blab too much.

Oh, I agree, it is homemade by the way! My husband would eat that right up as well!

Sherry said...

Hey, I'll take a slice of that "cheat pie" looks scrumptious!!! And you've given me a fab idea for my "own" cheat pie!!!

You did make it yourself, therefore, in my book, it qualifies as "home made"'s not like you bought it from the food stalls at M&S!!!

And you're right..who doesn't like gravy?!?! :)

Meggie said...

I'm agree with you, made it at home so it's "homemade." Being a modern woman, it is our responsibility to do things the easy way...not the old fashion difficult way. We are women of the 21st century for crying out loud! Seriously, it looks delish! I'll be right over for a soon as I can make flight reservations.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow that pie brings back childhood memories!
Thank You for offering your graciousness for Erika...girl with cancer.Blessings Denise Lovely goodies!

Mademoiselle Arty-Crafty said...

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you very much for your nice comment on my new header!
take care.

Jo Anne Owens said...

Look wonderful, Carolyn!!!! You have me all ready for dinner which is cooking...but I would love to try your pie and pudding!

Amy P said...