Part Two .....

Here are more photo`s for you to see .

This was our Queen sized bed we had ! Just as we arrived inside , and before i messed the room up with our things . I wanted this bed to take home , it was that big and comfortable !

And of course , if you`re like me , i always check on how clean the room is , and what toilettries they have !! ;o) This is half of the goodies i brought home with me ! L`Occitane range , which smell divine - and are expensive to buy !

We also had room service , 2 nights in a row , but they called it Duvet Dining ! Which tickled the both of us , but NOT the price ! I had a steak and caramelised onion ciabatta , with homemade chips , in an actual small copper cooking pan , but was disappointed in the portion size . It worked out at 50p per chip ! I felt like "taking" the copper pan as compensation !! lol

A ornamental sun dial , which most rooms looked out onto the main entrance courtyard

A close up of the stone gargoyle seat below ...

We then travelled along the coast , before heading inland . And came to Bamburgh castle.
Which was closed at this time of year , but it is a must see to visit again in the future .
The weather was very cold , rainy and windy , but still got at least a few decent photos .

Sand dunes and a very foggy sea , that the castle over looks ....

We then travelled across country , towards The lake District , Cumbria again . With me taking snaps , as we went along . These ones are for Rhonda , for the time she spent here in the UK .
These were a flock of sheep that saw me at the gate , and decided to come and have a look .

And doesn`t this one look so cute ? !

Further along , were another breed of sheep that i had to photograph .
Rhonda - can you see they have their bums painted ?? :o)
That one is just for you , as i know you laughed so much when you first saw it !

A few taken from inside our car - which came out pretty good i think !

Snow covered peaks in the distance ....

We were at Hartshead Summit , which is 1900 meters above sea level , and it started snowing at the top ! Only travelling down a few minutes , the weather changed again , rain and sunshine.
The i saw a rainbow ! My first captured on film . You can just see it , in the middle of the photo .
I could not stop again to retake , as other cars were behind us .

And one more down in the valley , arriving at Penrith .

Just a few more to follow ....


Sherry said...

Gorgeous photos Carolyn!! Love the bed -- and they gave you L'Occitane in the rooms?!?! OOOHHHH!!!! The food looks good (sounded good) but over priced I think!!

Love the sheep -- especially the one looking right at you!!

Rhondamum said...

Oh, I so needed that giggle. I really miss the beauty there.

In the first pic of sheep, I thought to myself, "Where's the paint" so naturally I loved the next pic. And the one looking right at you, too cute!

I will have to send you some of my pics from my travels.

Love the toiletries, too cool! It looks like a fabulous time and I am glad that you enjoyed it. Have you used the toiletries? I often hang onto mine for way too long.

Hey, any of those places haunted?

Meggie said...

I think the picture of the old castle is great...something we don't have in the US. The sheep are quite cute, I love the one looking right at you. Most of the time when you get room service it is quite over priced. But, hey, you don't go on vacation every day! Why not splurge once in awhile.

tammy said...

what a beautiful trip carolyn!
thanks for sharing pic's with us-beautiful countryside and love the sheep:) looks like a nice and relaxing time-sadly we don't have lovely castles like that here in the U.S.....

Fete et Fleur said...

So much Beauty!! Thank you for sharing it with us.


Amy P said...

Love the castle pictures! Thanks for posting about your trip, this way I feel like a world traveler :) LOL!

Jo Anne O. said...

Ohhhh, keep the photos coming Carolyn!! I love a spinner I also adored the sheep...why do they paint their bottoms?

Love castles mystical...especially the one overlooking the sea!

Thanks for sharing!