Another Play At Tag .. And A Happy Birthday ..

Again , i have been tagged - by Rhonda .

I have only just got around to doing it , so here it is for you all .

For 5 more things you do not know about me ...

1 . I have a tattoo , on my right arm , near the top .It is
a small blue heart with a streak of lightning through it .
One of those painful experiences , which i do not
intend to do again ! I nearly passed out !
See below`s reason .

2 . I have a fear of passing out ! I came close while i
was having my tattoo done . I got tunnel vision ,
sweating and told the guy to stop doing it ! I guess ,
i need to know what i am doing , and be in
control of situations i`m in ....

3 . Long fingernails on men ! I absolutely hate it !
Need i say anymore really ! ??

4 . I have a " thing " about keeping the kitchen
worksurfaces clean . I wipe over them with a
bacterial cleanser . But what usually happens is ,
my partner wipes over it with a used tea towel ,
as it`s still " wet " to dry it ! It really annoy`s me ,
as the tea towel will have germs on it !!

5 . I have a habit of , running my fingers through
my freshly washed hair , and then looking at the hairs
that are coming out ! Not exactly intentionally
pulling them out , i know there is a medical condition
for that . Sometimes , i do not know i am doing it ,
until i see a small pile of hairs on the carpet , or
i get told off for doing it !!

So there`s a few more facts about moi !
Not too revealing i hope , or think heck , what is
this woman like !

I will not pass this on anymore .. I think many have
taken part in this one . So you can all breathe a sigh of relief !

Also i would like to wish my mum today ..

" A Very Happy Birthday ! "

I miss you all , and wish i could be there .

And a new listing in my shop today ..

A pack of tiny hand cut envelopes for you to alter ,

or add to your artworks .


Abbie said...

Hi carloyn!
What a interesting list! totally agree with you about the long nails.. yeauck! me, I pull thru my hair in the comes out by what seems like the fist full! Your momma and I share the same birthday! Happy birthday to her!

Cre8Tiva said...

you are an interesting girl...i love those envelopes...they make me think of many things to if i only had some extra time...blessings, rebecca

Sherry said...

Happy birthday to your mum!! I know how much you would like to be with her.

As for you missy--my you are the dark horse. I never would have guessed you have a tattoo!!

The envelopes look great by the way!

Amy P said...

Hadn't checked in with you in awhile, thought I better say HI! I've just been busy and a wee bit ill. But still here :) Love the shop, what a great idea!

Rhondamum said...

The tattoo confessions just keep on coming!

You are so funny, long nails. I don't even want to think about that. Yuck! Especially when it is a long pinky nail. WTF?

I just have big clumps of hair in my shower drain and it seems to get larger with more stress.

Happy Birthday Caz's Mum! Thank you for bringing such a wonderful friend to me!