Kathleen`s Love Letter , Webs And A Freebie ! ...

This is an altered scrabble board ( cut in half )
That i decided to rework on a little. Sometimes ,
when you leave work , and go back to it , you can see,
if anything , whether it is finally finished , or needs
adjustments at all .

Done on the theme of The First World War ..
Two lovers being apart , and sending correspondence.
I based it on the mans photo , an actual vintage postcard.
I`d bought it , and thought , what could i do with it .
As i find men`s artwork more challenging myself .

Then i found an old book , on how to write letters .
And one stood out , a lady named Kathleen , expressing
how she missed her man - Stephen - And wanted
him back with her . The rest of the idea was there to create .
Below , is a close up of the letter written ..

I am considering selling this piece . It is not in my shop ,

as of yet . But if there is any interest , please let me know !

And remember when i said , we have crazy weather ?

One day of snow , the next fine ?

Two days ago , we had freezing fog . Everywhere was

covered in a thick blanket of frozen water droplets .

But outside , in my back garden , i found these ...

Frozen spiders webs !!

These were everywhere , and until they became more
visible to our eyes . I would not have known they were
there at all !

Below , is an Easter Egg photo ,

for anyone wishing to use it in your projects .

From my own personal stash ! Enjoy !


Sherry said...

OMG -- would you ever believe those spider webs?!? They look like they have been tatted!!! Just incredible -- you have a great eye for photography Carolyn and these really are tiny works of art!!

As for the altered scrabble board..I too find art with men a huge challenge but oh my gosh - you did a wonderful, wonderful job with this -- a very creative idea and isn't it something when the pieces fall into place like this...the art almost creates itself and you guide it with your vision!!

Thanks for the egg!!! :)

amy said...

Love your altered board! What a wonderful story you came up with and the embellishments and result are great!Those spider webs are so cool. I wonder what the spiders thought? :)

PEA said...

Oh Carolyn, your altered scrabble board is just gorgeous! Reading the letter, it certainly does go well with the can feel their pain of being separated. What a fabulous job you did with this!! As for the frozen spider webs, that is absolutely awesome,,,I've seen pictures of webs with dew or rain on them but never frosted up like that. Beautiful!! Thank you so much for letting us use that egg graphic:-) xox

Meggie said...

Oh Caroly, you are so creative to redo the scrabble board in that romantic! The frozen spider webs are awesome. Have a good weekend.

Rhondamum said...

Wow! As usual, you amaze me. That is a really beautiful piece of work both visually and emotionally. So much talent Caz!

The spider webs are too cool. What do the spiders look like that own them? I still think you need to publish a book!

Have a great weekend!

tammy said...

hi carolyn
i have never seen frozen spiderwebs before-so amazing!! and so beautiful
thanks so much for sharing with us-i haven't been up and around on your blog much -computer is not behaving its self!
glad to have stopped by today
enjoy the rest of your weekend

Moanna said...

Love the frozen spider webs. Great photos.

Sherry said...

I came to see if you had posted anything for today -- and all I "see" with my little eye is a new blog banner!!! Really nice..and now I know what you were doing yesterday!!!

Jo Anne O. said...

Carolyn...your altered board is really very nice!

And what about those spider webs? How cool are they?