Early Works ......

Sometimes , you wonder what you will post about . Today was my day for this .
Being busy doing banners and setting my shop up , i came to a "stand still " , and then thought " what next now " ?
Looking through my old photos from when i first started creating , i came across these , of which i have not shown to you - i think - without going way back myself through all my posts ! So i thought i would share them with you all .

My first altered art doll . The body is a vintage buckle ,
head with an old image in a glass watch face with a bottle
cap as a halo . Spelling angel with various embellishments .

An altered book , i did as a present . Just 3 pages altered , the rest

of the pages were stuck together . The first page had a

leather pocket ,sponged with gold acrylic paint .

The back , i cut a niche inside to store something

Copper brooch .

I bought this plain , and applied alcohol inks to it .

I love alcohol inks ! But not used them for a while . A vintage

button and a brad was stuck on the top .

All this has got me thinking , what should i do next ?? I have that many supplies , that i can pull from to create , it overwhelms me . My creative space i use , is in dyer need of a damn good tidy and sort out- i feel i don`t want to go in it ! I love doing so many different crafts , i cannot concentrate on one . Although trying new things out is good , to challenge you , and see if you do like it or not - or see if it`s " your thing " . I cannot decide on what to start next ! It can be so frustrating !! So i need to embrace the stillness and see which direction i need to go now. I just need some me time to sort myself out ! I will still be here - no worries about that -

Wishing you all a happy weekend !!


Fete et Fleur said...

Lovely little creations! It is hard to keep the creative juices flowing and to know what to do next. I can't wait to see what you new things you come up with.

Hugs! Nancy

Sherry said...

I think this is something that we all struggle with from time to time...we reach a plateau...we do something we've been dreaming of (like opening your shop) and then we feel -- what now? It's natural..and from what you've shown us today -- you have many things up your sleeve to tempt us with!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Abbie said...

Hello Carolyn!
Oh, do I know how you feel!! Right now I stand in my studio adn ust look dumbfounded at all the stuff.
I just love your creations and I'm sure sonething will inspire soon!
Have a fabulous weekend!
:) Abbie

Meggie said...

Oh Carolyn, I think all of your cretions are fabulous. Take your time to decide what to do next. Just promise to share it with us whenever you complete your next creation.

Jo Anne O. said...

Hi Carolyn!! I love what you are doing here...especially LOVE that doll...really cool!

amy said...

I never finish things most of the time so I move on with loose ends which is not good. I am trying to get better about this. Sometimes too many supplies is overwhelming and I need to clean out and just use three things. And I love all your "early works"!