A Sign Of Spring ?? ....

Snowdrop flowers appeared in my back garden ,
amoungst the grass - which desperately needs a cut !
I hope everyone has a brilliant weekend !!
I know some are having more snow - Like Sherry -
This is for you , to cheer you up !!
Keep safe dear friend !!
We do not seem to have definate seasons here ,
which i miss alot . We had 1 day of snow , the next it
disappeared ! Torrential rain ,high winds , and a little
sprinkling of sunshine .
It seems Mother Nature is taking a holiday here !!
Update : Sherry , i decided to change the words on my
banner head ! After what you had said . Not that i intended to say ,
my world is a small world , but i am one of the many
participants in this large blogging community world :o)


Sherry said...

Oh I like this so much better Carolyn...obviously, this is your "home" and you can say and be whoever you are. I just saw "small" and, Carolyn is not small in this world -- Carolyn is hiding herself by using the world "small". I totally understand that you are a "small cog in the big wheel"...but I am a firm believer as you know in what we call ourselves or our world meaning so much. If we "say" it we "are" it and this IS your World...(((muah)))

And a BIG hug and kiss for these wee spring flowers....I'm laughing here -- your grass needs cutting...I can't even FIND my grass!!!! LOL!!

Cre8Tiva said...

lovely post and i do agree about the large in florida...i have missed visiting you...hugs, r

Meggie said...

Hey Carolyn: I'm glad you changed your wording on your header. Your world is not small at all. Your flowers are lovely and like Sherry, I can even begin to find my grass. It's buried beneath lots of snow. Have a good weekend!

Abbie said...

Hi Carolyn!
I like your new banner! :) Sherry and I are about 10 hours apart, but we are having very similiar weather.. yuck!! Thank you for the glimpse of spring! It is lovely!
♥ Abbie

Jewelgirl said...

Thanks for the much needed
photo of green grass and
snowdrops. There is so much
snow here. This is the first
time I've seen a photo of
this flower upclose.
Lovely things on your site!