Swaps And Gifts Received

Time for sharing my swaps and wins , won from my
friends recently . It is always a good feeling , to receive
something in the post . When you leave a comment ,
in " hoping " you will win - it is always a surprise ,
when you actually do so . And when others think , to
send you something by snail mail . It makes it more
of a special gift received , in times now of email , it is
to me , even more of a personal touch i think .

My friend Rhonda , just sent me some of her vintage
tickets , she had bought a while back . Not that i had
asked for any , she just sent me some to use myself !

So Thankyou for thinking of me Rhonda !

Next is my win from Sherry`s 100th post giveaway .
As Shery said - I seem to have some luck at winning at
the moment ! As i have also won part of her One
World One Heart giveaway as well !
Another journal , for me to write in - you can never have
too many i think ! And a gorgeous handmade card .
Many thank you`s Sherry !!

Abbie`s Valentine Swap Package :

It arrived the day after Valentine`s day , all

packaged up , in this cute little box ! She had

9 people to send out , for this swap . So i would

liketo say thankyou , for being generous to us all !

The goodies , including lace , 2 vintage wooden spools ,

thread and glittered heart .

But what i was totally smitten with was ,

this ever so cute , and tiny birdie !

Something that tiny , gave me alot of pleasure . I

simply adore him Abbie ! Thankyou !!

I would also like to say , Rhonda , is having a

50th post giveaway !

So please give her a visit , and leave her a comment .

She has a mixture of items , including tags ,vintage paper , you could win !

Draw to be done this Friday !!


Rhondamum said...

I love all of your goodies! Thanks for sharing. You are lucky. If you won my 50th post giveaway I would not be surprised at all. I see your winning name on Sherry's blog all of the time. But I have nothing but joy for you friend.

Thanks for posting my info. Sure is neat to see a banner I made on someone else's blog. Not as good as the ones that you make. I hope that it will be the first of many!

More goodies on the way dear!


Sherry said...

Lots and lots of lovelies, and it so nice to find something waiting in the mail!! Can't wait to see what you make with the goodies from Abbie -- and I have a feeling that wee birdie is staying with you in your art studio as inspiration!

Abbie said...

Hi carolyn! I'm so happy that you liked the treasures! That's a perfect pic of the birdie.. he is very small and so wonderful!
:) Yeay! I'll have to enter rhonda's givaway..
Have a lovely day
♥ Abbie

amy said...

Wow you are on a lucky streak! What fun to get good mail like that.

Meggie said...

Great looking goodies, Carolyn. I, too, love the little birdie.