Apology`s All Around !!

I know Christmas is a few months

off - but when i get an idea - i go with

my muse . So i apologise if you`re not ready

to see anything yet !!

An altered bingo card hanger.

Sewn material , vintage metal bingo marker

and one of my favourite birds - A Robin -

Pom pom berries - and my hand felted holly leaves .

This will be one of my giveaways -

as i am near to my 300th post !!

And i caught this creature - a slug -

which i nearly stepped on in my garden

while bringing in my washing early last night .
They`re not one of the best loved creatures -

but i had to snap him - and another apology

if you`re squeamish out there !!

I would also like to wish a

" Happy Labour day weekend "

To all my readers out there !!

To everyone else - Enjoy your weekend !!

And - if you`re interested in knowing how to

alter a book - i have just posted part one



Sherry said...

eeek...slugs before I've had my coffee!!!! ;)

No need to apologize about Christmas in August Carolyn...this is the time to get working on any Christmas projects because the closer we get to the holiday season the less time we have!

Rhondamum said...

Do I even have to say I love the Christmas pic? You know how I feel about those wonderful robins from the UK. I found one on a postcard yesterday! Yippee!

Thanks for sharing! Love ya!

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the altered book so far! Gorgeous colors! And I think your little slug is a Cutie!
Sandra Evertson

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the altered book so far! Gorgeous colors! And I think your little slug is a Cutie!
Sandra Evertson

PEA said...

You're lucky I love anything to do with Christmas, no matter what month of the year we're in! lol Oh Carolyn, I just love that altered Bingo card hanger you made, it's gorgeous!! Leave it to you to be so artistic, I love it!!

As for the slug...ICK! I came across a few in my faerie garden yesterday but at least they were tiny compared to the one you snapped. Bleck!!!

Take care of YOU!! xoxo

~~**Skye**~~ said...

Sheesh that slug is HUGE! I love part 1 of the altered book you have posted, i will be giving this a go asap!

Thanks for sharing your christmas bingo card - such a cute idea.

Meggie said...

Who would think a bingo card could be so darn cute?! Only you, Carolyn! Slugs are bad enough to look at but stepping on one....eewwww! Yuck!

Anonymous said...

We are inundated with the little creatures and I was so loving the bingo card until he popped up, lol! Off to see the book tutorial and thanks for the lovely images...They are so pretty and I know I will find something nice to do with them ( in my altered book, of course ;)

Lynn said...

WAHHHH that slug is horrible, never liked those things. You took a great shot of him though.

Looks like i am very behind here, I love this Christmas bingo card and yes I agree it is good to just go with where your muse takes you sometimes :) Great job.

Now I need to check out your new tutorial, see you there...zooommmm