Little Castle

I haven`t much in the artsy way to show off
yet . . I am on with a few projects and my
creative and blog time has been limited the past few
days now - with bad headaches .

However i do have a place we visited a few
weeks back ...

Bolsover Castle - in Derbyshire .

Dating from the 12th century , and the only thing
left in tact is the Little Castle , Venus garden ,
and some stables undergoing renovation .

The view from the castle ..

What it would have looked like .
We walked in from the left handside -
The Little Castle and Venus Garden is on
the far right handside

The entrance to the Little castle

Outside back view from the Venus Garden

Looking down from the Little castle into the garden

which had many alcoves with love seats .

To say it was called The Little castle -
is an understatement ! It had many tiny rooms and
stone stairs - and what`s more - i got to take some
inside photographs ! Which is very rare - even in stately
homes - photography is banned . It was unmanned as well
but had CCTV - as there were many large oil paintings hung
and i found it odd , that no-one was there just to keep
an eye on things .

So here`s a selection of my best shots as
some of the rooms were very darkly decorated .

Every room - had a corner fireplace like this -

No central heating in those days !

And my favourite - a gorgeous painted cherub room

Just a short video of the fountain . The
only original piece - is theVenus staue on the top
and the rest is restoration - of how it would have looked .


Sherry said...

Impressive! We know how filled with history England is and how far back that history dates...and yet it's brought home so vividly when we see these things up close and personal...your photographs always make me long to see these treasures for myself.

Ornate decor and tiny rooms -- were they midgets?!? Truth be told, I'm sure people were much smaller hundreds of years ago. Even back to the late 1800s -- I remember being in South Carolina, outside Charleston and visiting a plantation -- doorways were short -- but wide -- the people weren't "tall" and the hoop skirts needed the room!

Could some of my "awe" have been passed to my children, both of whom love history???

Sherry said...

LOL -- just had 2 sips of coffee (first of the day) and re-read what I wrote -- it makes it sound like I was in Charleston in the late 1800s!!! Maybe in a past life. I was actually there in 1990!!! lol!!!

Lynn said...

All that history is so amazing, I still feel like I am very British, even though I have been in Canada for so long now. I love to see all the castles and cathedrals in Britain.

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hey girl
argh rssfwd is not delivering your blog posts to me!!! and i don't know why i can't get into thier site either-frown-
thanks for sharing the castle with us- beautiful-and the video of the fountain-stunning
hope you are well
enjoy your day
tammy :)