Weekend trip ...

We stayed in The lake District - last weekend .
and here are my shots .
Lake Windermere - on a misty but warm early afternoon .
This was a view we had when we walked
down from our hotel that was situated nearside it .

The view we had from our room .

And another view further up the lake .

sunday we spent a delightful few hours

at Levens Hall and Gardens ...

of which we were not disappointed with at all !

It is an old edwardian house from 13th century -

and as usual - you could not take inside photo`s .

But i think the topiary gardens speak for themselves

me underneath a shaped yew tree !

And me taking a photo from underneath it .

Wild garden patch - and there was also
a vegetable plot . As the house is still lived in .

A pair of bronze fighting stags . Which were padlocked
to the ground - so they wouldn`t be taken ..

And a bronze statue of a girl looking upon a
small fountain .This was done by Anne Curry
who i have not heard about myself , but she does
many bronze sculptures .
It was feast for the eyes visiting this place ,
especially if you are into plants and gardening .
I hope you can appreciate it too - through my
pictures !!


Sherry said...

Another lovely spot look very comfy under that yew tree...could you imagine how many gardeners it takes to keep that area looking as it does?!? And I love the view, (we have a Windemere here in northern Ontario, probably a name chosen from "your" Windemere, and a Windemere Avenue in Toronto) .. but I'm also taken with this sculpture by Anne Curry...quite lovely!

Rhondamum said...

Oh my goodness! I love this place. Wish I could take the girls there. They would love it so much. Maybe one day... thanks for sharing yet another one of your great adventures!


Meggie said...

What a lovely place to spend the weekend, Carolyn. The garden photos are fabulous!

Lynn said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I can so appreciate the beauty of all the things you gazed your eyes upon that weekend. I can live it all through you, since I have not been anywhere this entire summer.

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi carolyn
ohhhh you take the most marvelous trips-this place is fantastic-i love topiary and i can't believe that the house is still lived in
just beautiful
as always thanks for sharing a bit of your country with us
enjoy your day