Time for another break here ...
It`s a long bank holiday weekend again here -
the final one for this year ...
It`s my time to fly and do my things -
to complete creations , sort out , rejuvenate
myself , then be back to share with you all soon .
In the mean time -
Here is a Halloween image - for you to
grab and use as you wish !
Enjoy your weekend !


Lynn said...

Thank you for the Halloween image Carolyn, can never have enough clip art :)
Have a great weekend too, and check out my new blog when you have some computer time.

Rhondamum said...

Hope it is all that you want it to be, have a great rest! Thank you so much for the image as well. I LOVE black cats! Love ya!

Sherry said...

Enjoy this long weekend Carolyn -- and may the weather shine down on you!