I was pleased the other week to
find a good selection of ephemera .
I thought i had hit the jackpot - all of which were
from the same stall holder i frequent . My
searches are becoming less frequent to purchase
these items - they are either not available or
are " collectors " items which have a high
price tag - and if you are cutting into them ,
you don`t want to pay over the odds .

I snapped up these without any hesitation !

Bird postcards ...

The left one is a French one - addressed to

a Mademoiselle Marguerite

And a beautiful selection of celebration cards .
I think it was from the same household - as the names
of who they were from - are the same .
I feel lucky to have these - i have wanted to find
such cards for a long time . It will be hard to actually use
these in a creative way - just look at them , and admire the
graphics . They certainly do not make them like these today !
Or don`t you just wish - you could go back in time -
and do a really big shop and buy so many ! ?? I do .

This is a programme - with the events of that
evening printed inside - and i love her dress !
very Marie Antoinette !!

And i have still being busy with the jewellery makes ..
An altered kilt pin -with found pieces of jewellery .

alcohol inks on the moon crescent and long
gold dangle

And a start on a bamboo tile ..


PEA said...

Oooooh I dream of finding such a stash of vintage cards in a thrift shop but so far I've had to buy them on eBay. I actually collect just the Christmas ones from the late 1800's to 1950's but sometimes they come in a variety of themes/holidays. I know what you mean about hating to cut into them to make other crafts! lol

I so enjoyed reading your previous post about your weekend trip in the Lake District!! Love the view you had from your room, so very peaceful looking. I wish I lived overlooking a lake, how wonderful that would be:-) Such beautiful gardens you visited as well...those plus the old buildings is what attracts me to England so much.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend my friend! xoxo

jerseytjej said...

You must be psycic because I was SO looking and loving that pin on ETSY just earlier this evening! Thank you for entering my giveaway and of course, I hope YOU win!, LOL! You have a fantastic blog and I must add you to the links...
Where are the wish beads and the kilt pins from? Gina

Sherry said...

You were so very lucky with your ephemera find!! These cards are so hard to come by and they're exquisite!!

As for the quilt pin -- mama mia -- you've done it again! LOVE this piece!!!

Lynn said...

Oh my, Oh my, you lucky, lucky girl :) I have never found anything like this yet, I could never cut into them, just frame them or something, keep them!!!!!!