I made this before we had our break -
this house keyring .
5" long - not including the ring/ ribbon .
Made from vintage / new fabric and sealed with
fabric modge podge - so it is still
pliable but protected from dirt but still
washable too .

Back view ....

When i have more me time - next week -
this will be one of the things i am
listing in my shop .
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend !!
I`m also asking for your prayers / thoughts
for my sister . Some of you know that she had
cervical cancer - a radical hysterectomy - then
a lump was found on her liver a few months afterwards .
I was told yesterday
it has grown slightly - and that she has to go for
a breast screening in a few days time " just to check " .
She lives too far away for me to
visit - but at least my parents are there with her -
So i could do with some support from you
good people out there .. Thankyou ...


sherry lee said...

(((Carolyn))) many prayers going up for your sister...she's in my heart and my are you. It is disheartening, frustrating and extra worrying when you live far from someone you love who is going through something as difficult and critical as this.

Interesting that you shared your house key chain today as the photograph to your post...the nesting, the heart of the home...shows us where your thoughts are and where your heart is. ♥

Rhondamum said...

Hey Carolyn! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister. You know I am always here for you, my BBFF! Stay strong and if you need to talk I am an email or a phone call away.

I love your keyring that you made. Each little element is just wonderful and it all ties together so well. I would hang it on my wall. It would become a mess if it spent any time in my messy purse!

I hope that you and Mark had a fun trip and I look forward to hearing all about it.

Hope to chat soon. I've missed you!

Love you!

nikki said...

that is absolutely adorable!!! i wanna make one now! heh...soo pretty!!!

Sanja said...

absolutely pretty dear Carolyn!:-)
Take Care

Meggie said...

Oh Dear Carolyn: Your sister will be in my daily prayers. I hope you can feel the love from your fellow bloggers.