The past week - we have had a
fall of snow - right across the UK .
I know overseas have had this too -
and you maybe fed up of snow photos !
But for us - it quite rare to get such an
amount fall - and everything seems to
go into choas mode , public services close
and everything grinds to a halt - and run out of
salt to grit our roads !
After only having ventured out myself
to the local shop . I decided that we should
get out this weekend -
We both took a camera - as my other half wanted
to compare the quality of photographs once home .
I guess it`s a man thing ;o)
I could do with sorting out how to make my photos
larger on here - as they look so much better larger .
But you get the idea - for now ...
We went to a local park / forest walk -
and thought it would be quiet - but we were wrong !
Everyone had the same idea - to get out and have fun
no matter how cold it was .

This is a walkway down - but now a snowslide !
We had to walk in between the trees to get down
as it was too slippy .

Me - trying to look professional !! ;o)

This one is a little dark - but it
looks like the tree have ice nests ..

The ferns and bracken folded over ..
Looks like another nest to me ;o)

I hope you too are trying to enjoy
what mother nature gives us ..


sherry lee said...

That much snow I could live with!! lol!! I know it was a huge experience over much came to a halt and when you live somewhere that snowfall isn't a daily/weekly occurrence, it is a big deal.

It was mild here this weekend and a lot of the dirty, hard crusted, frozen, mounded snow has melted (yipee!) but that leaves us worrying about drainage and flooding...nature is an unusual part of life.

Love your photographs by the way -- how they so many aspects look like nests...and yes, my dear, you look very professional!!! :)

amy said...

Love your photos of the snow. This Winter has been a real Winter here as well. We are done with our snow I think...Now I want it to be Spring! :)

Rhondamum said...

Oh how I love your photographs! So, did you prove your man wrong and take better pics? Wish I were there to throw a snow ball at you and make snow angels - lol!

After being stuck in ice, it now feels like spring here. I have had my windows opened for the past two days. How odd!


Lynn said...

Your photography is getting better and better, must be that new camera :) Oh and yes, you do look professional! I think it is so nice that you Britts got a taste of what winter is really like LOL