I had been searching for some
leather scraps for months - and i
found a shop selling these - much to my
delight .
I bought these straight away - as the
stock was minimal - and i knew if i did not
get them there and then - i would regret it .
They`re top quality pieces - thick and
i love the smell ..

Some i would like to use in mixed media
collages - the other ....
I decided on some jewellery pieces .
This brooch .
Or as someone said to me
" It looks like a rosette you give a horse !!! "
Men ... Don`t you just love `em !! ?

I layered it with 2 thick felt
pieces and a resin jewellery cabouchon
from an old scarf ring .

back view ...

next 2 teardrop necklaces ...
I wanted the suede side showing
then the gorgeous honey brown layered
on top . Finished with a found jewellery
enamelled piece ...

The center looks like an opal ..

Reverse side - for both pieces ..

And the one i made for myself ..
( the others will be for sale soon )

Just something simple -
using a vintage cabouchon .

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend !

I`m off to pin the " rosette " - on the donkey !!


sherry lee said...

My first laugh for the day -- no, not your work - it's beautiful -- the image of you, pinning the
"rosette" on your, er, "the" donkey!!! lol!! :)

Lynn said...

OMG Sherry was here before me yet again, and I smiled when I heard the remark from your significant other too because mine does the same thing :) Men!
Your jewelry is really neat, something I would never have thought of . I love how you try new things :)

Meggie said...

Oh Carolyn! These are absolutely gorgeous! I've never seen your leatherwork before. I LOVE the rosette one best. I've been a lazy blogger lately. I hope you are well.