I have no completed work to show - yet .
But here is a little peak at what i`m trying to
do in between the headaches i seem to
get " every month " - That`s what conclusion
i have come to myself - as i cannot pin it down to
nothing else.

And a huge thankyou to all who
have given me their support for
my sister .
It means so much more than words can say ...


*Noelle* said...

looks very cute; loved those light colors together!

sherry lee said...

I feel for you with those headaches...my youngest gets those, though they seem to be coming less and less as he is getting older...the pediatric neurologist told us it is hormone based (as with you) and that boys tend to outgrow these more than girls do. I know quite a few women who suffer migraine at the time of their periods. Not fun at all.

Lynn said...

Nice sneak peak Carolyn, looks very interesting :)
Please let me know about your sister is she not doing well? I can't find anything on your blog recently, I hope it's not the cancer again.

juls4real said...

Headaches? I have three words for you, then. Choc-o-late. Every month at the same time, Choc-o-late. I don't know why. I hope you feel better.