More Leather Work ...

I decided to use some more of the leather
i purchased a while ago . Somethings you save
just to admire - others you decide to use -
and why just have it hanging around when you
can make something from it ?
Some photo`s are clickable to see details .

A Honey leather notebook .
Folded size - 4" x 5.75 "
I made a paper template -
to go around a plain paper note pad.

So the pad can slip inside a pocket
and another to store other paper items.

I had to "punch " the holes first -
which took the most time ! Then hand sew
the pieces together with embroidery thread .

I attatched a flap and an aged vintage
leather button - and there is room to
hold a pen beside the pad -

The leather is soft and thick -
and would age beautifully over time ..

I will be listing this in my shop soon !


*Noelle* said...

hi carolyn! to my surprise, my applique came today and I LOVE IT! i love the tag too; so pretty! you are very talented! i am going to post about it tomorrow. you had mentioned mounting it on something?? i'd like to do that or frame it to hang it on the wall by a sage green mirror with shutters that i have. any suggestions????

*Noelle* said...

p.s. thanks SOOOOO much!!

noelle ♥

PEA said...

Hello dear Carolyn,

Finally catching up with your latest news!! I've been such a terrible blogger lately but sometimes life gets in the way! lol

I love what you made with that leather. You have got to be one of the most creative people I know! Just beautiful!! As is the magpie nest assemblage you made with a thimble cabinet!! I just love it, you did a fabulous job with it.

I may not have been around much lately but please know that I think of you often!! xoxo

sherry lee said...

That leather looks luxurious!!!

Lynn said...

This is gorgeous Carolyn, great work, I love the soft feel of leather for a note book or journal, I got some nice ones when we were in Italy, all hand made, one of the best places to buy leather items :)