I spent yesterday completing this
applique collage . Made on a vintage
napkin material approx 12 " square .

A lovely spring green embossed flower
trellis material .

I decided to use a real vintage 1920`s postcard .

" Attatched " with velvet ribbon .
But you have an option of placing
another postcard inside - to change
the look of the collage .

I used various material scraps -
vintage / new and part of a cream
linen napkin - which had holes in-
so i could do the running stitch like on the
bottom right handside .

I randomly placed vintage buttons .

With mostly hand sewn cross stitch

The back has a piece of interfacing
ironed on .

I may try and mount it onto

acid free mountboard - so it can be

placed in a frame for sale .

Or any other suggestions is most welcomed !


*Noelle* said...

ooooh, wee!! i DO love this:) i may have to snatch it up when it goes for sale!!

great job!!

♥ noelle

sherry lee said...

I love the idea that you can replace/exchange the postcard ... it could be a very seasonal piece!

Meggie said...

This project reminds me of spring....I don't think that's by accident, is it?

Lynn said...

Lovely creation Carolyn :) I can see it in a frame very nicely, or it could be made into a pillow cover, this being the front of course :)

juls4real said...

Oh, I love the quilt. Such detail. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. Made me feel good. Hope your headache is better.


suzeeez said...

Hi Carolyn,
This piece is so pretty and nice little details.