Magpie`s nest assemblage..

This was one of those items that you
stash - and think - i know i can do something
with this sometime ...
A wooden thimble cabinet 13" x 10" .
I liked all the niches - but decided to take it apart
as i also bought 2 smaller versions -
and i wanted to create something for myself .

My own magpie`s nest assemblage -
What else ! ??
As the magpie is reputed for collecting
items - just like myself - i had a
vintage image i wanted to use for a while .
Filled with things i love -
favourite papers - buttons - trims .

The buttons are sewn on stiffened
fabrics - mounted in photo corners -
so i can change them - it was difficult
choosing my favourite buttons to display -
i have so many - and why have them stored
away , when you can display them right ??
And they`re the ones i do not want to use !

I made a nest for a corner - an egg -
and loose treasures - to exchange when i wish

And the top arch of the assemblage " house "
space to display various trinkets -
like my vintage buckle and embroidered brooch .

A large art nouveau button and
cute girl scarf ring . These last 2 photos are
clickable to see the details

It is now in my craft studio -
and i can gaze and admire it .


sherry lee said...

Aren't you the clever magpie?!? Great idea - and why keep the things we love to look at, that give us pleasure, hidden away?? More important to have them where we can see them, enjoy them and feel their beauty.

Meggie said...

Another wonderful creation, dear Carolyn. I'm happy that you saved this one for yourself.

*Noelle* said...

oooh, i like it!! you are soooo creative:)

noelle ♥

Sanja said...

beautiful as always,Carolyn!

Summer Gypsy said...

Carolyn, Carolyn! You've got style, girl!!!! First class charm!

Lynn said...

You clever girl you, who would have thought to take out those little shelves and use it for this, it's beautiful :) Oh and I see some of the buttons I sent you, makes me feel at home looking at it.

Rhondamum said...

Oh wow Carolyn! I think this is my favorite Caz piece ever. Wonderful! I need to try and do something like this and use some of my favs. Thanks for always inspiring me! xoxo

Anonymous said...