Hardwick Hall - is where we visited
yesterday - in Derbyshire - not too far
away from our home .
It is one of Britain's best and complete
Elizabethan properties . With many tapestries
paintings and furniture from the 16th century .

The entrance that greeted us ..

Of course - no photos we allowed inside -
many items were very fragile and shown in
their dimly lit rooms with blinds for
protection from the sunlight .
But i did manage to get these -
in the restaurant which was part
of the side building .
There were big wooden benches and tables
which you sat at - which felt unusual !
And i sneaked taking these - from where we were sat .
Although no-one said not to take any photos inside .
An old oven ..

Copper utensils everywhere and metal plates

And a stove and another oven - i think

2 postcard scans below ..

The blue room - with rich tapestries

lining the walls ..

The High Great Chamber .
Above the dado rail were freezes of
scenes - trees animals people .. Quite the best
decoration i have seen. As it was not flat looking
it looked like plaster or wood added to give a 3D effect .

Outside in the grounds ...

Just behind a wall - was the old Hardwick Hall ruins ..

Huge fireplace - with plaster still on the walls -
after hundreds of years ! Dotted about were many
plaster pieces - and i felt it was a shame to leave it
exposed to the elements .

We climbed to the top

To see this ...

And the view looking to the
newer built Hardwick Hall .

It would be even more glorious in
summer and enjoy the garden more .
But this trip was well worth it !

Have a great weekend !!


sherry lee said...

That is quite an impressive entrance!! Even the ruins are magnificent..and all that cooper!! What a great place to spend your day!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Lynn said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to visit, looks like a fun day :)

juls4real said...

Uh, you are very lucky to have such a wonderous place to visit. The rich history and texture, architecture. What an amazing place. Thanks for sharing. Have more fun.

Doreen said...

I thank you for taking me on this tour. I really felt like I was walking there with you. Those ruins are so impressive - more so that the modern one as you feel the history and the life that must have been. I love to visit the past but alas my travelling days are over and I have never been out of Canada. Seeing professional pictures is not as nice as your real life ones.