Mini Applique ...

Here is my latest creation .
After having a self inflicted eye
injury -and to cut a long story short -
we planted chilli seeds outside - miss
bird brain - me - didn`t wash my hands
properly and i rubbed my left eye - resulting in
a painful swollen running eye for a day .
So i wasn`t up to making and creating - but
all is well now ! ;o) Lesson learned !!
" Summer Pink " applique
size 2.25 " x 3 "

Using - various fabric scraps
small metal jewellery charm

Vintage button and millenery flower
with 3 seed beads and embroidered
leaf . Hand sewn blanket stitch edge

A pin brooch back could be added
to wear it or leave it as is . It is sturdy
and has a blue fabric backing .
So i`m offering it here to purchase .
Price £ 5.25 - British pounds
Currency conversion on
purchase including postage .
I worked it out to approx $ 7.60 US
depending on exchange rate .


sherry lee said...

Well ow...that is really going to hurt!!! Take heart - you are not the only one who has ever done that...I did it once after cutting a jalapeno...we forgot just how "hot" certain things are!! Hope you are feeling better!!

*Noelle* said...

wow! this is very cute!! sorry for your eye: eek!!

noelle ♥

Summer Gypsy said...

Wow! You create this with an eye injury!! It's lovely, and I hope that your eye is better. Being a pepper lover, I have come close to doing bodily harm to myself! What is it that makes us crave hot peppers? You take care!!!

PEA said...

Your Summer Pink applique is just gorgeous, dear Carolyn! Where do you come up with all those crafty ideas? I wish I could be half as good as you making things like that:-)

Oh dear, my sister in law did that to her eye one time when she was making salsa...she rubbed her eye right after cutting up some jalapeno peppers and it swelled right up and teared for a couple of days. Hope your eye is all better now:-) xoxo

Lynn said...

Lovely applique, so soft and pretty :) Sorry about your eye, we usually plant really hot peppers, but this year with Cooper so young I think we should forget it, they really do burn. I don't know how anyone can eat them really, but hubby likes them.