Framed applique

I have the stitching bug - as
you may have noticed ;o)
So here is my newest creation ..
A small collage applique
Shown in a 7 " x 5 " pine frame -

using vintage/ new fabrics
and reproduction minature postcard
held with embroidery thread .

sewn on a sample piece of
upholstery fabric

Vintage crochet lace and buttons .
This will be going in my shop -
without the frame .

And what a difference 2 days makes ....

Our poor crocus` s battered with a short
sleet storm yesterday !!


*Noelle* said...

oooh... i really like this one too!!! lol

Lynn said...

Very pretty Carolyn, looks great in a frame too :)
Your poor crocus must be soooo cold, just look at them. Same with the weather here, we had a lovely Spring day on Friday then boom 2 days of rain and some freezing rain too. We have been known to have snow in March too, so I am not thinking Spring yet.

sherry lee said...

Oh those poor flowers...they look so bedraggled!! I think they're a pretty hardy flower so should bounce back....and your creative stitchery is adorable!

Meggie said...

Your endless creative ideas totally amaze me!