Spring is definitely starting to appear .

Which gives you hope for new beginnings ..
We decided on growing some of our
vegetables this year - our first "attempt "
but oh so satisfying - just seeing the shoots
appear from a planted seed - something so simple
can bring many joys .. when you feel all the work was
not really done by you - other than caring for it -
watering it - and willing it to grow ..

Amoungst them are ... Sprouting seeds ...

Plum tomato shoots ... planted just a week ago ..

Outside - crocus blowing in the wind ...

snowdrops ....

And just for fun ......

My troll posing next to a mushroom ! !

* giggle *

How is spring blooming near you ??


sherry lee said...

Is that real grass I see?!? Spring?!? It will be awhile before we see any signs of that beauty...we had more snow last night...but oh how lovely to see the seed sprouts and the crocus and snowdrops (those kind I don't mind!! lol!!) -- and trolls in the mushrooms...makes me feel hopeful!!

amy said...

Ooh look at the little sprouts! And I love your troll. Maybe he could bring Spring here? We have snow this morning but I am hoping that's it for the year. :( I want spring and baby chicks and tulips!

*Noelle* said...

oh i'd give anything to see a bloom around here:( cute little troll, hehe!

Lynn said...

I was thinking the same as Sherry, is that real grass? LOL, it is sooooo green and ours is all dried up and brown.
Your photos are just amazing Carolyn, really nice to see, and you asked "how is spring blooming" where you are?
Well, let's just say "It's NOT".. no where near. Our Spring blooms in Canada come about a month after yours, I know this because Su always told me when her daffodils were out and I couldn't believe it.
Lucky you :)