" Bloom " decorative pillowcover

size 11 x 8 "
I saw something similar on the friskars website ,
so i wanted to make a smaller version.
Made with heavyweight olive cord material
the cut circles are sewn in half - all from vintage
material then placed on and sewn in a petal
flower shape . The center has a vintage button
and doily scrap

I wanted the pillowcover to be very simple -

as i have not made a one before -

so i just did a button flap closure with

2 large- ish vintage green buttons .

I think it turned out pretty good ;o)


sherry ♥ lee said...

Fabulous job! I love how you see something somewhere else and then tackle it, making it your own and saying "I can do this". Inspiring!!

Robin said...

What a gorgeous pillow! That flower is incredibly beautiful!