Edit : i have posted some prescheduled
posts , due to computer problems !!

Canvas tag
3 x 5.5 "
Cut from canvas roll and painted ,
then i sewed a piece of sheer material
and a dyed crochet piece over that .
Punched a hole , added various fibres ,
and a vintage brooch pin , because the crochet
piece has holes and is only attached around the edges ,
you can remove the brooch
and add another for a different look .


Meggie said...

VERY clever, Carolyn! So sorry to hear about your computer problems.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Sorry you are having computer problems...hope everything works out soon!!

This is lovely piece of crochet you used!!!

Deborah said...

Beautiful! Did you make the crochet piece? Computer...a love/hate relationship. **blows kisses of computer luck** Deb