Well - i am back ;o)
After a much longer bloggy break than i
anticipated . I did spend a tiny amount of time
creating this time - i think my muse took time off too !
And away from our computer which had that pull on me.
It seemed less important this time and i
thought i had better get back here , the longer i left it,
the more the habit would leave me .
I have been reading more , we did venture out for a day -
and i have seen many films recently .

The main one being Twilight New Moon .
I am " late " in joining the frenzy of the 2 films -
but seem to be bitten by the bug - no pun intended ! ;o)

I went last friday afternoon , it being the the second
time in my life that i went to the cinema on my own -
as my other half has no interest in it ! The only
thing i got was the odd stare from a young girl ,
no doubt maybe thinking why am i alone -
or i look "abit old " to see the film !! ;o)
Having not read the books - yet - to compare it to the films ,
I did think it was a great film with brilliant CGI and
a rollercoaster of emotions . So if it`s your thing
it`s a must see !!

Here`s some eye candy of the British actor Robert Pattinson -
One of the main characters -Edward Cullen .
Who i might add - scrubs up rather well !!


Meggie said...

Oh Carolyn! There a lots of adult women who have joined the Twilight frenzy. Glad you enjoyed the film. While I've read the book, I can't say I'm eager to see the movie. I think my fear of vampires from when I was a child may have something to do with it. Glad to see you're back after some time off.

Lynn said...

No wonder the young girls are all in love with Edward, he is a very handsome young man. I am totally not into it, havn't even bothered but my young niece is. My mom got her the Twilight game for Christmas, so she read the book so she would be able to play it with her. So see, even 70 somethings are reading it :)

Sorry I havn't been around, a lot going on at the moment.

Rhondamum said...

Now I know you are hooked, putting Rob on your blog now! I am having a good giggle now. I was talking about your new addiction to my friend this morn who got me into the books. I just HAD to show her those pics from Vanity Fair! lol chat soon! love ya! R...

sherry ♥ lee said...

I haven't found any interest in this -- the books or the film...I think I'm just an old fart now!! lol!!!

Going to the cinema alone? I love it!! I don't do it enough though I used to do it on a regular basis on a Friday. Think I need to start doing that again.

juls4real said...

I saw this file solo also. Was thrilled to have Edward to myself. I've read all the books, seen the movies....So romantic. I love to go to the movies solo. I just sneak out sometimes and go. It's a nice way to spend the day.
xo, juls