Obsession For Notebooks !

These are just a small selection of notebooks i have . I can`t resist buying brightly coloured ones , or anyone that takes my eye really !
The union jack one is from way back , ... infact 1979 ! My sister and i got one before we went on holiday , to write in it like a diary . i`ve torn the pages out at some point , and wished i hadn`t , but couldn`t bear to throw the book away !
The flower pad is a refillable one you can reuse .It`s made of plastic , and probably again from the late 1970`s again .
I thought this would do for the Artsymama challenge , on what did we collected as a child . Mine was various notebooks . I always used to have one with me ALWAYS .
I have way too many of them , and probably won`t use them all , i know , sometimes i think it`s a shame to use them , but that`s just me !
The only other thing i collected was Snoopy stuff , and i still do to this day !

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Renee :) said...

Carolyn,those notebooks would make such cute scrapbooks!The covers are so pretty...the flower ones look like vinatge material on them.You could probably use your book to put images inside.Or maybe you could just do artwork inside of each one...too cute! :)