Magpie bird collage spread

Here`s my Magpie collage at last !

It`s been ready a couple of days now , but with doing other things , like yesterday getting goodies ready to sell at a local tabletop sale for next weekend , i thought i`d better get it on !

The tree is wet torn out of handmade paper , and the lace rosette has a button that looks like a cut piece of branch

It just shows that they scavenge bits for a nest , like bright shiny objects .

I usually see these birds on my way to work , and count them ! And i did see in Australia loads in flocks , which were too many to count ! Those were more white than ours .

I`ve always been fascinated by these birds , and the variation of sayings of a rhyme that we have . This is the version i typed out and printed onto paper . It`s a bit like superstitions , like a black cat going across your path of walking , and going under a ladder , or breaking a mirror - 7 years bad luck !

I do have more to post , but at the moment i`m struggling with a migraine . I woke up with it and the painkillers are wearing off now ! So i apologise to my friend Renee on here , if i don`t email you today !


Renee :) said...

Cute collage Carolyn!Did you make the tree using that funky yarn stuff?Looks cute.I love the paper you wrote the saying on....really pretty.I wouldn't doubt that if a real bird really found those things,that he might actually put them in a nest,too b/c it's so shiny. ;)Off to email you...

Renee :) said...

Just wanted to let you know real quick about a contest going on,visit my blog to click on the picture & post that I sent you there,thanks!