New for Old....

Here`s my latest purchase ... a new mini sewing machine - yesterday !

My other old Singer one , doesn`t seem to want to work any more for me !

It`s a light weight , i can pick it up easily with one hand ! As i want to do more sewing projects , as i have aload of ideas i want to try out . Like an artwork piece on a canvas , which i hope to sell !

I am planning on an Etsy shop soon , i just have to organise and make some things for it . So i`m quite sure how long that will be.

Also a big "hello" to my new friend Renee ! Thanks for getting in touch , and i`m sure we`ll become good friends ;o)

I`m off to tryout my new buy !


Renee :) said...

Hi Carolyn!!!!
Thanks for mentioning me on your blog.Love your sewing machine & love the fact that you don't have to be a body buidler to lift it like ours! ;)I hope you got my emails about your pic. :(

Carolyn said...

yes , i got them , thanks !
will send you later on today ! ;o)