Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside ....

We decide to go out for a run in our car today , and ended up at the coastle resort of Scarborough . I love going to the seaside , fresh air , icecream .... and a seagull ! This is a little chap , who we were told would dive bomb you while you were eating your food ! We were sat out on the sun terrace of a cafe , while on the look out for him , this is how close he got for me to take a photo ! He didn`t get any food by the way ! ;o)

The fun fair .

The steep walk up to the castle

The lovely view from the top with the bay.
It turned out really nice and sunny while we were there , and i also managed to make a few buys as well .

In case anyone was wondering where the title came from ..... it`s from an old english music hall song , 1907 , so i found out ! But i remember singing it as a child . Sorry there`s no music with it but it goes like this ...
oh I do like to be beside the seaside ,
I do like to be beside the sea !
I do like to stroll upon the prom prom prom ,
Where the brass bands play tiddley -om pom pom !
There are other verses , but i thought i`d spare you those ones ;o) But i got this tune in my head on the way home , and still have - like you do sometimes ;o)

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Renee :) said...

Carolyn,how beautiful!Ok,I really want to visit you now as that castle is so lovely! :)