Fabric - Beaded Tiara

This is a gorgeous "old" fabric - beaded tiara i found the other day.

I saw it in a charity shop window , along with other related wedding items . I didn`t buy it straight away , and wished i had done ! However when i called back on my lunch break , it was still there - and i had to get it !

I`ll be dismantling it , to use the fabric flowers in a project i `m doing , and the beaded part for a future Tiara , of which i`ve not done before . So i `m hoping it`ll turn out well !

A more of a side view of it .

I hope you like it Renee !
Maybe we can do a future tiara swap ?
What do you think ?


Renee :) said...

How cute....very that even a word? :) You are so lucky to have found that...I wonder if you could paint the beads...they are pretty...but it would be soo cute if the beads were colored pink or white or something....then you could add tulle,etc.Seems like you have great luck at your charity shop...mind if I stop by for a visit? :) Maybe you could use the fabric for those cigar boxes you mentioned you have.Keep on posting looking at them!One day you'll inspire me to actually do something instead of imagine...I don't know why I'm so scared that I will mess something up. :(

Carolyn said...

I think i may mess things up Renee ! But it`s like i said , there are no rules to what you create for yourself ! You can alter it i`m sure or leave and come back to it .