Some Makes for my Craft Sale

Here`s just a few of many things i`ve got for my craft sale this weekend . It`s not a big event , just a local one near where i live . So i don`t think I`m taking too many handmade items , as it`s not a craft fair as such , i`ll need to find one of those especially selling all handmade items , but i`ve not come across one yet !

Also trying to get rid of a horrendous amount of other crafty bits , like card making , papers , stickers , embroidery threads , as i can`t store them anymore , so i`m hoping someone will take them and use them !
It`s a shame for them just to sit here not being used !

A felt notebook cover , and a marabou feather beaded brooch

Handcut tags

Beaded tassle

A felt flower brooch

A fabric covered box and another covered notebook . And if you`ve read my obssesion for notebooks , i won`t be too disappointed if i don`t sell these ! ;o)


Renee :) said...

Ok,love the covered elegant & beautiful!And I absolutely adore the notebook cover below it...I love browns,light tannish/sandish colors...that one would sell so easily for more money as it really is something you'd see at a craft sale that people would just buy up...or at least I would as it's so beautifully decorated. :) Love the brooches you made,although I'm not really into people wear them or just collect them for something?I think you'll sell a lot,if not all of your stuff....cute tags,too. :)

Kevina said...

Good post.